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Banish the Bulge asap – in Three Easy Steps

We’ve heard it all before, “follow a low GI diet, avoid fatty foods and exercise more”… blah blah blah. But what if you’ve been a bit naughty over Christmas? Unless you have the willpower of Victoria Beckham, who of us can resist temptations like a cheese platter, Christmas pudding or a cocktail (or three)? Is it any wonder why we never see Posh smiling?!

Of course, nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise, but what can we do to banish the bulge – ASAP? Well, these three simple steps will help you look slimmer and sexier in no time.


Step 1 – Dry Body Brush

Easy to use, quick and affordable, one of these beauty staples aid in the removal of toxins, lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and circulation, what more could a girl want?


Step 2 – Fake Tan

A fake tan makes you look slimmer, more toned and helps to disguise uneven skin tone, lumps and bumps. Enough said.


Step 3 – Dress to Impress, Do’s and Don’ts

Do highlight your best features – a cute belt to cinch in a curvaceous hourglass figure is always a winner.

Don’t wear clothes which are too tight –garments should skim over your silhouette, not pull you in like a stuffed sausage!

Do donate your ill-fitting clothes to charity – like those jeans you haven’t worn for 5 years, the ones that take 5 minutes to squeeze into and might burst with the slightest belly laugh.

Don’t wear a too-short hemline – always turn around in the mirror before leaving to see if those short-shorts are truly flattering.

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