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Laser & IPL Services Werribee

At our Essential Beauty salon in Werribee, our trained Beauty Therapists can help you permanently reduce unwanted hair with our laser and IPL treatments. We also offer a free consultation to assess your hair and skin to create your personalised hair removal plan.

Laser Vs. IPL

Laser and IPL are both methods used to permanently reduce hair. While they may sound similar by name, the technology behind the procedures are very different. As a part of your free consultation, your skin will be assessed to determine whether laser or IPL will achieve the better result for your goals.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths, while laser technology is monochromatic and is concentrated into a beam. Both laser and IPL provide a light beam that targets the hair pigment structure and prevents them from growing.

Laser & IPL Aftercare

Right after treatment, your skin will be sensitive and a little red and may be inflamed for approximately three days, so no need to be alarmed. Here are some tips to heal your skin:

  • Use a covered, cold compress to help reduce swelling.
  • Only pat dry your treated areas after a shower and do not rub to avoid further irritation.
  • Do avoid sun exposure, hot showers, spas, saunas,Β  exercise and any activity that may generate heat in the skin for 48 hours. Be sure to apply sunscreen constantly throughout the day.

Click here to learn more about preparation before your Laser or IPL permanent hair reduction and aftercare.

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