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Brazilians- To Laser or not to Laser?

Recently David Smiedt of wrote an article on Brazilian waxing.

You can read it here:

Aside from the Hypocrisy of It All in terms of men and women (that is, underarm hair for men is perfectly acceptable but not for women), there were some interesting counterarguments I would like to put forward.

For example, females across the world do not all remove underarm hair. In fact, in some countries, females do not remove underarm hair at all. Having said that, David wrote the article in Australia for Australians.

An interesting fact in the article he states, is that Pornhub, one of the biggest providers of online pornography in the world, has, as number nine, the most viewed category being hairy.

That’s scary! Or is it?

Vogue magazine also ran an article called “The Full Bush is The New Brazilian” which also provides a contrarian view to having all the hair down there, removed.

Suffice to say, that almost every Hollywood actress from Julia Roberts to Gwyneth Paltrow have also given their opinion on Brazilian waxing and laser.

But the question is, “What is right for you?”.

Do you want to remove all the hair down there semi-permanently with laser or keep your options open?

Aside from the visit every six or so weeks, booking in for your Brazilian wax can be seen as a bit of a nuisance. Having said that, laser provides more semi-permanent options. However, for some people, laser works very effectively and before they know it, “all the hair down there, is gone”.

There is also the appointment upkeep with laser (although this usually ends after about 6 to 10 sessions). If you are a perfect candidate for laser, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So, in the end, there is no right or wrong. Choose what is best for you with “choose” being the operative word.

If you remove your pubic hair periodically, you are in control and can choose to have it grow back. However, if you choose more permanent options, your choice in the matter is gone.

Do what is best for you. Remember, there is no right or wrong. It is about choices.

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