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Brow Shaping

We all know the importance of great brows.

When you have shapely, well-groomed brows that suit your face, your features appear balanced and your eyes pop!

The idea of your brows “suiting your face” is critical and finding the right brow shape can be difficult.

How do I prepare for a brow shape?

Collect information about the sort of brow shape you would like. Pop yourself in front of a mirror with plenty of light. You will need a sharp brow pencil and a transparent ruler.

You need to measure and outline the shape of how your brows should look, prior to undertaking any hair removal. This will allow you to personalise your shape before you commence either on your own or using the assistance of a beauty salon brow expert, which of course, we recommend!

You need to locate your brow starting point incorporating both the arch and the end.

Determining the starting point, arch and end:

Position the ruler on the outside of your left nostril vertically, so that it meets the top of your brow. Once you have found the spot, mark it and repeat for the right-hand side nostril.

To determine the arch commencement point, place the ruler diagonally from the edge of your nose through the centre of your pupil. Where this line intersects with your brow, is where your arch should commence (this would be the highest point of the arch).

To determine the end point, place the ruler on the outer side of your nostril up to the corner of your eye. Mark the spot as this is where the brow should end (just above this line).

Now that you have these three measurements for your perfect eyebrow shape, you will be better informed to make the next move.

What's your brow style?

From here, you can join the three dots that will create the perfect set of eyebrows for your face. You will be able to determine where you need to grow more hair (or remove hair) to define the shape and where to fill using a brow pencil or powder

Having a start, arch and ending point will give you the best eyebrow shape result. You can write down the measurements or take a photograph of the markings for your records so that you can communicate this with your beauty salon brow expert.

Remember, it’s just like getting a haircut and style where you give instructions about the look and colour you are hoping to achieve, whilst taking suggestions from your brow expert at the same time.

Just remember that most women’s brows will not match exactly for a multitude of reasons including over waxing, over plucking or incorrect shape from the beginning.

However, determining these points allows you to find out what your ultimate brow shape will be and you can work towards correcting your brows, through hair regrowth allowing future reshape and of course fill, to further enhance the shape.

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