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Choosing the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

I was fortunate that I don’t have eyebrows that need desperate trimming most of the time. Still, I decided to get an eyebrow wax a few years ago out of curiosity. I was apprehensive, to say the least.

To my relief, I found the procedure quick and painless. What was even more of a surprise was the reaction from friends. They said I looked more polished and professional …. whatever that means. But I took it that I looked good. And I certainly felt good about myself. Funny, I never realised I looked any less good with my original eyebrow shape.

Speaking of shapes, it’s important to determine what shape your eyebrows should be. To determine whether you should get thick, straight, arched or thin eyebrows, look at your face shape.

Square faces are angular and naturally strong in appearance, so it’s best to have eyebrows that complement these lines instead of competing with it. Eyebrows should be thick and aligned with the widest angle of the jaw or rounded to balance the face. A pointed shape would accentuate the face shape and make you look too severe.

Round faces favour a delicate arch which gives the face a more oval look and refine your features.

A flat and straight eyebrow shape will help make Long faces look shorter and soften the features.

If you have an Oval face, you’re a lucky gal, as oval faces can handle most eyebrow shapes! Soft, rounded angled eyebrows can be a great complement to this face shape. Just don’t go for extremes such as an overly high arch that might result in you looking like an anime character.

A low arched round brow will give the heart-shaped face a softer, more natural look.

Still, remember this rule. You can only work with what you have. You can’t make hair grow where it doesn’t (unless you get it cosmetically tattooed), but you can make it look thinner by waxing it away or fuller with an eyebrow pencil and a tint.

–  Article contributed by Eli T. –

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