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Christmas gifts worth more than what you paid

The Art of thoughtful gift giving

Who are you buying for this Christmas?

Whether it’s mum, your sister/brother, daughter, husband or wife, the list goes on.

Here are some tips to help you through the process of gift giving.

It’s really important to find out what the person might like but would never buy for themselves.

Let’s say your brother has trouble relaxing because he’s in a high stress job.

Why not buy him a facial?  It’s something he’s never probably thought of buying for himself and this will help with his stress levels.

You should buy gifts for people who ordinarily wouldn’t buy those items for themselves.

Separately, let’s think about the characteristics of the person.

For example, what sort of mum do you have?

Is she time poor? Sporty? Career minded?  Rather than buy mum a generic voucher you could tailor something to suit her needs which she can use over time (gift vouchers, if for a number of services, can be used over a series of sessions for (say) your time poor mum!).

Remember that the art of gift giving is about giving gifts that person would not ordinarily buy for themselves.

By planning ahead like this, the value of your gift is perceived to be much higher due to its uniqueness and thoughtfulness.

Also, think about when and how to deliver your gift for maximum impact. For example, you may give your gift after the person has opened all their other gifts. Or maybe later that evening?

Personalise your gift with a message that means something. This can have an even greater result than the gift itself!

This Christmas, get into gift giving by thinking about what the person might like but would never buy for themselves and how to deliver it for maximum joy!

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