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Cleansing is underrated!

“If an artist was to paint a picture on a canvas that was not smooth, no matter how much paint was applied lumps and bumps would show through”

The same applies to your skin!

If you do not cleanse your skin every day and exfoliate, use a mask at least once a week,  you will accumulate a buildup of dead skin and oil that will create unsightly lumps and bumps.  This applies to the skin on your body as well.

Using an exfoliant once a week with a protective moisturiser every day is essential to keeping the skin on your body looking smooth. Particularly if you apply fake tan.

If you apply any tanning lotion to your skin, it is very important to prepare your skin by removing dead dry skin and hydrating those extra dry areas like knees, elbows, knuckles and skin around the underarm, toes and ankles to ensure an even, all over even tan.

Any areas with a buildup of dry skin will absorb more tan and give you a blotchy finish. 😝

Now back to the face 

Your poor face does not have the added protection against the environment that your body does from clothes. We slap on sunblock, moisturisers and makeup to help protect our skin.

This is all great BUT, we need to give our skin a rest and remove our daily armour so our skin can regenerate at night.

Before you say “I put on a night cream and a serum that regenerates the skin” stop and think about the way you cleansed your skin.

Did you slap on your cleanser and give your skin a two-second massage then wash it off in the shower? When was the last time you gave your skin an exfoliation or mask treatment?

You do not always need to go into a salon to give your skin a much-needed facial.

Now is the time to invest more time, in your cleansing routine and help your skin unclog pores, shed off dead skin, oil makeup and get that smooth canvas for you to apply your skincare and makeup.

  • Look for cleansers and exfoliants that can double up as a mask treatment


  • Look for cleansers that have AHA’s, BHA’s and Lactic acids as these ingredients will further help to dissolve dead skin and trapped oils. They also stimulate the production of new, healthy skin cells


  • Leave cleaners on for up to 20 minutes twice a week and up to 2 minutes every day. A good way to do this is too massage your cleanser into the skin and leave it on while you brush your teeth😬. This way you are multitasking and giving your skin a mmuch-neededbeeper cleanse.


After this, your skin is ready for your night cream and serum. Without proper cleaning, these products will not penetrate to where they are needed most. Clean skin will increase the performance of your nighttime skin care routine and give you that smooth canvas you want the next day.

Cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine and therefore the most important!

Happy cleansing everyone 🤗


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