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Ear piercing for babies and children

Ear piercing for babies and children

Every summer holidays (or winter for that matter) is a great time to get your children’s ears pierced. The long break allows time for the piercings to heal before they return to school. It also allows the piercing jewelry to be changed such that it is compliant with school policy.

The only place you should visit to have your ears pierced is a specialist beauty salon like Essential Beauty.

There are age restrictions depending on what state you are in. Find out more information from this link: Body piercing age restristrictons 

So how does it work? Your beautiful daughter or son would like their ears pierced so how do we go about it? Remember, it’s an adventure so let’s have fun!

Step one:                                           Make sure you meet all age and identification requirements (see above) including possibly your parents coming along.

Step two:                                           Choose the colour you like most. It is important to note that studs to begin with are the most hygienic and best way to create a piercing. Fashion earrings can be added later once the piercing has healed.

Step three:                                         All of the paperwork is written up including ID and you’re ready to have your ears pierced!

Step four:                                           The therapist will ask you to sit on the bed. They will mark your ears and ask if you are happy with the positioning.

Step five:                                            Count 1,2,3, and you’re done! If you are under 16, collect your free comfort bear, Teddy. Meet Teddy:


You can find out more details about Teddy including date of birth and age online at:

Finally, be sure to listen carefully to the home care instructions purchasing all approved solutions for optimum healing. You can change your piercings usually after about 6 to 12 weeks.


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