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Eyebrow shapes for 2019 and beyond

Eyebrow shapes for 2019

There are five styles of eyebrow shapes.

Keep in mind that the best brow shape for your face is completely your decision and individualised for the shape of your face.

Whilst every design we do is unique, there are five basic eyebrow shapes which will help you decide which one you most like. Note that you may need to grow your eyebrow hair in order to achieve some of these styles depending on how much hair is originally present.

Please see the basic eyebrow shapes below with pictures.

  1. Sharp angled eyebrows

Sharp angled eyebrows





2.Round eyebrows

Round eyebrows





3.Flat eyebrows
Flat Eyebrows




4. S-shaped eyebrows

Sharp angled eyebrows




5. As mentioned earlier, Soft Angled eyebrows
Soft angle eyebrows




As mentioned earlier, it may be necessary to grow your eyebrow hair in order to achieve these shapes.

It is critical to have an eyebrow professional determine which shape is best for you according to the shape of your face. Also remember there is Lash lifting (curling), tinting (colouring) for both lashes and brows and of course, eyebrow shaping.

See one of our genuine before and after clients below to illustrate what we can do in salon.

Eyes Unique




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