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Eyelashes vs Ayiii! Lashes

You look at yourself in the mirror after painstakingly applying glue onto a miniscule, curved and mobile set of false lashes and then aiming to stick them on somewhere in the region of the eye. Ayiii! It’s crooked. So you peel them out, scrub off the excess glue gently so that you don’t rub your eye raw, and do it again. After 3 tries, you give up. And the same applies to those sticker eyeliners as well. If you have ever tried them, you will know what a pain they are.

So I take myself off to the salon faithfully and let someone else do it for me. I’ve tried them all and I like the Lash Lift best but hey, you decide.

Strip eyelashes

Also affectionately referred to as falsies. Are really difficult to apply in my humble opinion. They’re the cheapest option by far though, to having a set of fantastic looking feathery fans sitting on your eyelids. But then again you also don’t want to have to pay someone to put them on for you. It’s a dilemma.

Here’s how you do it if you want to brave it.

  • Purchase falsies that you like according to thickness or density of the lashes
  • Trim the length of the lashes as the falsies usually come longer than needed
  • Shorten the length if the falsies are too wide for the eyes or if you wish to apply them only towards the outer edges of the eye
  • Apply eyelash glue evenly to the base of the strip
  • Place strip on top of your natural lashes, as close to the base as possible
  • Take care not to squash natural lashes in the process
  • Once the glue is dried, fill in the gap with a liquid liner
  • Apply mascara to blend natural lashes with falsies
  • Remove after use

Cluster eyelashes

Brings the pain up a notch. But at least if you have a cluster that is not sitting right, you only have to fix one cluster of eyelashes. These can be purchased in either long, medium or short lengths. If you’re a newbie, start with the short and medium lengths first.

  • Lay your lashes out so that they are easy to pick up with a tweezer
  • Prep your glue by placing a small dollop either on the back of your hand or on a foil
  • Apply liquid liner first to get a fine and even line
  • Dab a small amount of glue on the base of the cluster lashes
  • Start with the outer edge first, place the longer lashes
  • After a third length of the eye, start using the shorter lashes
  • Continue until the whole lash-line is completed
  • Fill in gaps with more cluster lashes if needed
  • Complete the look with a sweep of mascara once the glue has dried
  • Remove after use. However these lashes can stay on up to about 3 days if you are sure none of them are sitting on skin

Individual eyelashes

Nah, this one really can’t be done yourself. A professional is best placed to do this as it is time consuming and requires a fair amount of practise before you can get this looking right. As with the application of cluster lashes, these are individual lashes that are applied onto your natural lashes one by one.

These are considered a longer lasting option as the extensions can stay in place until your natural lashes fall out due to its natural cycle. It also requires regular maintenance as you will need to fill in the lashes that have fallen out from time to time.

Lash Lift

Is essentially an eyelash perm. The treatment uses perming solutions to curl and set your natural lashes in an upswept curl. Again, this cannot be done at home. But the results are gorgeous and semi-permanent too. Top up with a tint as well to open up the eyes. For a night out, mascara adds to a dramatic look together with makeup.

After a couple of weeks, your lashes will gradually lose the curl or fall out due to its natural cycle. Tint your eyelashes again on the third week after getting a Lash Lift just to keep that look going for a little bit more.


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