COVID-19 Procedures FAQ

This FAQ relates to all services including:

In order to help reduce the possible spread of COVID-19, our salon team members are implementing the following additional measures:

  • All high customer contact areas including the reception areas, eftpos machines, iPads, and treatment rooms will be cleaned on a regular basis using an appropriate disinfectant. High touch point areas include doors, door handles, the counter, the waiting area, cabinets, treatment beds and pillows.
  • There will be hand sanitiser at the front counter and in each of the treatment rooms (where supply is available).
  • Salon team members may request all customers to use the hand sanitising gel supplied and to please cover coughs/sneezes and dispose of tissues appropriately.
  • Our Standard Operating Procedure for all treatments is for all team members to wear disposable gloves for each treatment or service undertaken.

For our full statement regarding COVID-19 click here

  • We have pierced over 2,200,000 people Australia wide since 1997.
  • Regular health inspections
  • Friendly qualified staff
  • Autoclave sterilization
  • We take time after your piercing to explain home care.

We have an “if in doubt, check it out” policy and we welcome your contact after you have left.

We love what we do and we want to share it with you.

You can expect, an expert body pierce undertaken by a professional body piercer in a clean environment with appropriate home care instructions and solution supplied. We will be available on the phone throughout the healing period to answer any questions you may have. We welcome your calls.

We do not recommended you swim for the first 2-3 weeks post piercing. However, you may cover the area with a waterproof dressing if you must enter the water.

A professional piercer would never use an ear-piercing gun for body piercing. These can only be used on the ear lobe (which is the worldwide standard for ear piercing of the ear lobe).

This can take up to 6 months and is not recommended if you want to keep your piercing. This is because the hole will begin to shrink as soon as you remove the jewellery. How long it takes to shrink so that you cannot reinsert the jewellery varies on the person. It is best not to take the chance. Never force body jewellery into a piercing.

If you are pierced at Essential Beauty and follow our aftercare instructions, the chances of an infection are virtually non-existent.

This will depend on your own body and how well you look after your piercing. Healing times vary from piercing to piercing and from person to person. The skin can also be affected by the aftercare the piercing receives. If you touch a healing piercing with dirty hands, let it come into contact with body fluids or rough treatment or use cleansers, soaps, or antiseptic solutions that are too harsh, this can cause problems and significantly lengthen your healing time. Follow our aftercare instructions and you’ll minimise healing time and the risk of problems.

Below are estimated healing times for specific piercings. The jewelry you are pierced with should not be removed during the healing time.

Ear Lobe 1 – 2 months
Ear cartilage 6 – 12 months
Eyebrow 2 – 4 months
Nostril 2 – 4 months
Nasal Septum 3 – 4 months
Bridge 3 – 6 months
Lip / Labret 2 – 4 months
Monroe / Cheek 3 – 5 months
Tongue 1 – 2 months
Belly Button 6 – 12 months
Nipple 4 – 6 months
Dermal Anchor/Skin Diver 2 – 4 months

Always remember that a new piercing must be treated gently with care and may remain tender or red for up to 3 weeks.

After the times listed above, you can remove your jewelry for a short time. However, your piercing may begin to shrink. We cannot give you an exact time for how long you can remove your jewelry before it becomes difficult to reinsert. This varies between people. Just remember – never force jewelry into a piercing that has shrunk and wait for the appropriate healing time as listed above.

Nearly all people say that a piercing does not hurt. We are constantly refining our techniques to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you!

We welcome “walk-ins”. Appointments can be arranged so you won’t have a long wait. Eating beforehand helps.

Sometimes, what you imagine will look best will not work best when you get pierced for the first time. The size of the body jewelry needs to be tailored to your body’s individual structure. You may have to start with a practical piece first and then choose something more fashionable later on, once your piercing has healed.

The tenderness associated with new piercings is gone once the piercing is fully healed. This can vary from person to person

Titanium, Niobium and Bioplast are the optimum choice followed by 316L surgical implantation grade stainless steel. Gold must be at least 14 carat or higher for initial piercings. You must avoid silver, gold plated, brass, bronze and copper.

Size is a matter of individual preference and piercing jewellery has “standard” sizes which work for most people. The look is only part of what makes a piercing work. Body jewellery, which is not the correct size and fit, can cause healing problems.

An expert body pierce undertaken by a professional body piercer in a clean environment with appropriate home care instructions and solution supplied. We will be available on the phone throughout the healing period to answer any questions you may have. We welcome your calls.

Four piercings in one appointment is not uncommon. This may increase healing time.

Four piercings in one appointment is not uncommon. But note that one can be stressful and will increase healing time.

Never. You can relax knowing that we absolutely never use a needle on more than one person. All needles come individually wrapped in a pre-sterilised packet. To reassure yourself, you can ask to see the new needle when you come in.

We use hospital-grade IV catheter needles in all our piercings.

For almost every single type of piercing, you can initially put in a clear or invisible stud to begin with. This is called Bioplast and Bioflex (a biologically inert material which will not react with your body).

However, a majority of the Bioplast and Bioflex jewelry comes with jewelled ends/attachments like Swarovski crystals or coloured balls. Only some come with clear attachments so the range is limited.

If this is what you are seeking, please call your local Essential Beauty salon first to check they have this product in stock, for the area you want pierced.

Alternatively, you could get pierced in your holidays and put in a clear retainer after 4 to 6 weeks. Again, call your local salon for more details about this process.

Yes, you can. Call your Local Salon for more information.

You can use a needle or a gun. There is a price difference. Call your local salon for more details.

Most nose piercings are 18 gauge. Please call your local salon for more information.