There is no minimum age limit on these services.

No. There is no minimum age for this treatment.

Follow your home care instructions given in salon. As a guide,

For the first 2 hours:

  • Do not allow water to come in contact with the eyelashes.

For the first 2 days:

  • Do not wash your eyes or eyelashes directly with hot water.
  • Avoid heat, spas, saunas, swimming pools and exercise/anything that may cause excess sweating.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • Do not use products that contain oil around your eyes.
  • Use only water soluble mascara.

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and you will be required to keep your eyes closed during this time.

Ensure you remove your mascara with an oil free cleanser.

If you wear contact lenses, you should bring your lens container and solution with you.

The product is made up of black pigment along with powdered fibres which both thicken and lengthen natural lashes.

Semi-permanent mascara is similar to traditional mascara but lasts 2-3 weeks.

Party lashes are quick, cost effective and create fuller, longer and thicker looking eyelashes in minutes! You can look as natural or as cosmetic as you like.

Remember to discuss your preferred look with your therapist in salon.

They will last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Party lashes are a great short term solution for getting glamorous eyes in minutes at a lower cost than other forms of eyelash enhancements.

Yes, but you need to wait 48 hours before you apply any mascara to let the perm set fully.

Some people like more thickness and volume. These people, in addition to their eyelash perm, will apply mascara for an even more dramatic look.

We also offer permanent mascara application. See our permanent mascara section on this website for more information.

No. Our lash lift system is gentle and proven giving great results.

The whole process is finished with a nourishing oil application.

In addition, your eyelashes receive the benefit of a break from wearing mascara daily.

Eyelash perming will last the full life cycle of your eyelashes, around 4 weeks.

Having your eyelashes permed will make them stand out more prominently and will make a difference to your appearance.

Perming is performed by placing your eyelashes onto specially designed pads that will lift and curl your eyelashes to make them look longer and more glamorous.

The results are outstanding as your eyes appear more open giving you a fresher appearance.

To get the best results, an eyelash tint directly after the eyelash perm will complete your look.

You won’t need to apply mascara and you can swim, sauna and exercise with confidence as there is no smudging or smearing.

You also don’t need to spend time removing mascara at the end of the day!

You will wake up looking great as your eyelashes appear longer and more beautiful with the lift and tint together.

Eyebrow tinting can last 2-3 weeks depending on the colour. The darker the colour, the longer it will last.

You need to stay away from products like Glycolic acid, Fruit acid peels, AHA’s and BHA’s.

These products lighten the tint. Also remember to apply sunblock when you are out and about.

If you would like a longer lasting result, look into the Semi-Permanent Makeup section on this website, as this may suit you better. We specialise in hairstrokes.

Yes. Eyebrows lose colour and become lighter and more sparse as we get older

This is partly because of the bleaching effect of the sun and partly because of genetics.

Once the eyebrows are tinted, the very fine lighter hairs show up. This gives the whole eyebrow a fuller look.

Tinting can also help improve the shape of the eyebrows. The top of the arch can be lifted by tinting the lighter hairs at the top of the brows. The ends can also be better defined and lengthened. Giving an overall better shape.

Brow tinting gives the eyebrow a fuller and more defined look.

If you have blonde or red eyebrows, it is best to try graphite or light brown as this will give you a soft natural colour.

We can mix the two colours to create an individual look. Ask your therapist in salon for more details.

An eyelash tint lasts 3-4 weeks.

Blue black is the darkest colour and lasts the longest.

Blue black can look very intense depending on your desired look.

Clients with blonde or red eyelashes may prefer to start with black or brown for a less dramatic and more natural look.

Note the lighter colours may not last as long.

Eyelash tints are quick and generally take 15- 20 minutes. Many customer will group their tint with a facial.

We can apply the tint while your treatment mask is on.

Some customers have even asked to have it applied while waxing the front of their legs! Ask your therapist for more details.

The results are definitely worth it as you will save time with less makeup application needed.

The tint works best if it is applied once you have your eyes closed. If you are concerned about an allergic reaction due to sensitivities, we can provide you with a patch test.

Most customers find our tinting service relaxing as you get to lie down and rest for a full 20 minutes.

Yes absolutely. The ends of your eyelashes are not visible because they get lightened by the sun. Once the lashes are tinted, your eyelashes will look longer. Customers are always surprised to see how long their natural eyelashes actually are.

The tint will give your eyes a more defined and fuller look, so you won’t feel like you need to wear mascara or eyeliner as much or as often.

You can enjoy swimming, the sauna or do a work out knowing the tint will not run or smudge.