If your hair is present, it will continue to grow.

Our clients tell us that our way of applying semi-permanent makeup doesn’t hurt. This is because, before implanting the colour, your therapist will apply an anaesthetic cream to the area. During treatment, if you begin to feel uncomfortable, you can have your therapist apply more anaesthetic. Other than that, it may feel slightly strange, but not uncomfortable, when your therapist pulls your skin tight to precisely implant the colour.

Semi-permanent makeup can last for many years, as many skin types hold colour very well. Others can fade in just a few years, leaving only a light residue of the original colour that was once there. This longevity is sometimes due to the intensity of the colour that is chosen.  Lighter colours will fade faster than darker colours. On average, once completed, permanent makeup will last for between 2 to 5 years. This is why we generally refer to it as semi permanent make up.

The technique can be described as tapping or scratching colour into the skin using tiny micro-needles, less than the size of a hair, that are grouped together. Your skin consists of 5 layers and, to achieve the desired look, the micro-needles only need to penetrate around 0.5 – 0.8 of a millimetre. With all of our semi-permanent colour treatments, our therapists apply an anaesthetic cream to the area before starting – so that you are as comfortable as you can be, throughout the treatment.

We use safe, non-reactive, hypoallergenic dyes. The colours are soft and natural, including flesh tones, so that a perfectly natural look can be achieved. These colours keep their strength over several years, fading naturally and progressively.

Yes, the result looks as natural or cosmetic as you like. You choose the colour and shape before treatment, no matter whether you are having eyebrows, eyeliner, or any other area.

Immediately after the treatment, the colour will appear stronger and darker for one to two weeks. You may lose some of that colour during the healing process. This is why Essential Beauty offers a touch up appointment at no extra cost so you can achieve your perfect look, although you may not need this.

Most people don’t need to take time off of work. There is usually no swelling with the eyebrow treatments but this can vary from person to person. Occasionally, eyelash treatments can swell, but this usually subsides within 24 hours. We suggest that if you want one of these treatments, book for a Friday so you have the weekend to recover.

Yes. Think of semi-permanent makeup as being your new natural self. If you want to change your look, you can apply regular makeup as you would have before, including eye makeup and mascara. So, by having the treatment, you’re not limiting yourself to certain styles or colours – you’re just starting with a more youthful looking you!

Yes it’s completely safe. Your therapist will use a brand new disposable needle for your treatment. All Essential Beauty stores have autoclave sterilisation.