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Gift Giving – Hang the expense or not?

Forbes magazine has produced many articles about the most expensive gifts in the world given by tycoons to dignitaries, their wives and other notables.

However, the question remains whether a more expensive or more thoughtful gift is a better option.

Now before you default to the idea that the more expensive the gift is, the better it is likely to be received, think again.

Think of it this way, it is not what the gift is, it is what the gift does.

That is, what is the functionality of the gift?

  • Does it assist the person overall in their general well-being?
  • Does it assist them in their daily life?
  • Is it an item which they would never buy for themselves?

All of these elements make for a thoughtful gift and expense doesn’t even feature!

Sometimes gifts can involve lots of moving parts. For example, organizing a trip to the theatre interstate for a special birthday.

There are airfares, tickets and accommodation all to be taken into account. The construction of the gift makes it even more valuable as it shows organizational thought and consideration for the recipient.

Pampering oneself is sometimes left till last especially for people like busy mums. Constructing a package including a facial and personal care like waxing is a thoughtful gift also.

Gift givers often worry that when constructing a package though, the recipient may not like certain items within. However, any reputable salon will exchange/interchange to the same value any service so you can rest assured.

Try this link for some great gift giving ideas that aren’t the most expensive in the world, but which are very thoughtful: click here

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