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Gift Giving, a Tradition of Christmas

The celebration of a family Christmas with presents and the works became widespread with increased prosperity in the post war era in the 1950’s.

The gift-giving tradition was said to have started from the three Wise Men’s gift to the baby Jesus. Today, some of the Eastern Orthodox Churches and European countries still celebrate the traditional date of the Magi’s arrival on January 6 with a gift exchange.

From simple and traditional gifts that celebrated the joy of Christmas, the festive celebration has evolved to become more and more sophisticated. And the gift giving practice has also evolved from traditional to personalised to convenience and ease. This practice has steered Christmas closer to the festive and holiday that it is today.

Shops begin advertising the holiday a month in advance, and parents start stock piling gifts ahead of time as well. Shopping malls display elaborate decorations. Closer towards the date, shops begin staying open later to cater for last minute shoppers too. People all over the world exchange gifts, celebrate the warmth of the Christmas spirit and generally enjoy themselves with that one big jamboree in the year.

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