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Giving Christmas Gift Cards. Are you being naughty or nice?

To gift card… or not to gift card? It’s a Christmas conundrum that we all have to deal with. In fact, recent research suggests that a surprising three out of four shoppers will buy at least one gift card, this festive season.

This begs the big Christmas shopping question, is it in the Chrissy spirit, or not?

The Australia Post survey published in the Herald Sun unwrapped some interesting insights, along with more expected ones. Like the fact that the majority of us just want our Christmas giftees to get exactly what they want.

And, while half of us ‘fessed up and said it was easiest to get a gift card, around one in three indicated they gave gift cards because they had no idea what their someone wanted.

So, who are the toughest people to buy for? It seems the teens are! And, what sort of gift cards are the most popular? Whilst toys and games remain the firm favourite children’s gifts, the 1,000 people polled said… electronic brands for the blokes, beauty and fashion for the ladies. Sadly, no big surprises there.

This tsunami of gift cards’ popularity is right in line with major retailers’ focus on a more personalised shopping experience. Along with helping time and idea-poor customers pinpoint suitable gifts.

Gift cards are also a big stress reliever, with one in five of us simply asking to receive one. Which also reduces those awkward Christmas moments of pretending to like unwanted presents.

To sum up – there’s a mixture of naughtiness and niceness when it comes to all our motivations for giving gift cards. The main motivation, with a whopping 74% polled, is for the giftees to receive what they want. Aww, the heart’s in the right place!

Rest assured you are 100% nice if you’re thinking about an Essential Beauty Christmas Gift Card for your someone special. It’s a firm favourite, with gift cards sales spiking from November onwards. When asked, clients said it was a practical and appropriate gift. They can choose from our range beauty products and services to our spray tan, waxing or piercing experiences. Or pick up the ASAP Summer Essentials skincare pack.

Merry Christmas from your Essential Beauty team.

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