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Go for Nude. Choose Colours to Match Your Skin Tone.

No, I must say that nude does not do it for everyone.

The person with warm skin undertones would be able to carry off the nude look much better than someone with cool undertones. The colour black on the other hand, brings out the radiance in the cool undertones. Courtney Cox in the black gown brings off the look with her cool undertones in comparison to Jennifer Aniston’s warm undertones. Now Jennifer, she can pull off the nude look or the bold prints better. And if you’re wondering why Nicole Kidman looks yummy in nude, that’s because she’s got really fair skin (a Type II really) with warm undertones.

Be sensible about your colour choice when deciding on what to wear and don’t be a slave to fashion trends. Wear suitable colours that complement your skin type and tone, including make-up and hair colour, to bring out the celebrity look in you. Every girl has got a celebrity look. You just have to find yours.

Colours in the warm range complement the warm undertones and vice versa. Pick shades that suit your skin tone from the range of complementary colours.

Here’s a quick tip to determine if you have cool or warm undertones. Look at the inside of your wrist and see if your veins look bluish or greenish. If they look blue, or lean more towards blue, you’re a cool skin tone type. If your veins look more green, you’re a warm undertone.

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