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Good brow days, always

Semi-permanent makeup is not called permanent for a reason. The new dyes used in semi-permanent makeup is designed to fade naturally after a while. In some cases, there is noticeable fading after a year but in most other cases, the cosmetically enhanced eyebrows will last for several years.


The PMU consultation

To create the look that you want, it is important to communicate with your cosmetic tattoo consultant. Some people prefer a highly defined eyebrow or eyeliner whilst others may prefer just a touch of semi-permanent makeup to enrich their already gorgeous brows. Once you have made an appointment with the consultant:

  • attend your consultation with pictures and examples of what type of shape you like
  • have the eyebrows drawn on to see how it would look on you
  • take a selfie and show it to someone whose opinion you value
  • keep the selfie and review it again after several days

After all, it is called semi-permanent makeup. You will be looking at those eyebrows for a while.

Semi-permanent makeup techniques have evolved from the big blocks to fine feathering or hairstrokes. It is all a matter of style and preference.

PMU @ Essential Beauty


PMU @ Essential Beauty

Most people prefer a blend of somewhere in between because whilst the big block of eyebrows are now slightly passé, the feathering technique does not last as long. Others go for eyebrows that are slightly thinner than what they would prefer, leaving room for brow powders to finish the look, be it glamourous or natural.




What to expect

Did I mention that you won’t wake up the day after having done the treatment, instantly looking like the celebs? Just like if you fell down and hurt your knee for example, tattooing will leave some redness and possibly some swelling to the area immediately after the treatment. Plan ahead and schedule your treatment day so that you will have a couple of rest days after that.

Immediately after the treatment, your eyebrow tattoo will look overly dark, exacerbated by swelling around the area. This will subside after a day or two, but it will take slightly longer before the colour settles into a more natural shade. While waiting for the tattoo colours to settle, some parts may fade a little more, creating slightly uneven colour. It is important to ensure that you attend the touch-up appointment after four weeks to create your final look. In Essential Beauty, this follow up treatment is part of the listed price.

Between the time of your initial treatment and the touch-up appointment, you don’t have to hide your head in a bag. Employ the use of cosmetics to balance the look. A fairly new eyebrow tattoo will seem dark until you get used to them. Just use a touch of eyebrow powder to go about your day once your brows have healed up.

If you are happy with the results after the initial treatment, you don’t have to visit the salon for the four week touch-up but in the event the colour becomes uneven after several months, a re-touch will be considered as a new PMU appointment. Any appointments after a year of the first treatment including the touch-up appointment, will be considered a new PMU treatment as well. But Essential Beauty salons are big on rewarding loyal clients and usually offer a special rate to returning clients for eyebrow tattooing.

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