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Gorgeous Eyebrows through Thick and Thin

From Elizabeth Taylor’s thick, luscious eyebrows to Joan Rivers’ finely defined ones to Angelina Jolie’s natural looking brows and Kim Kardashian’s rich, dark and defined looks, the best eyebrows a girl can have is by enhancing her own natural looks.

Shaping the eyebrows will bring balance and harmony to each unique facial bone structure. Choosing the right width, shape and colour to suit your facial feature is the key, not following celebrity eyebrow trends. The mistake people always make is that they want to look like someone else.


Eyebrows are personal!

Whether they are arched, straight, high, low, long, short, thick or thin, the eyebrows frame the eyes and create structure. Again, the stress is on balancing facial features so that the space from the hairline to the brows are one third of the face, between the brows and the base of the nose another one third and the last third is between the nose base to the chin.

Kim Kardashian’s brows are the most requested shape waxing amongst regular salon clients but not everyone can carry that look.

Let’s face it. If you have delicate features in a tiny, elfin face, you don’t want thick Kardashian brows. Or if you have a low brow bone, you’d want to open up the space between the brows and the lashes by shaping your eyebrows thinner and more arched.

If your brow bones are set higher, you might want to downplay that arch. You don’t want to have a perpetually surprised look. To add balance to a high brow bone, a thicker brow is the more flattering option.

Full lips, larger nose and eyes will need a thicker eyebrow to complement these features and the converse applies to finer features. Remember too, your arches will start slightly towards the outer half above the iris.

Thinning out thick eyebrows is probably more daunting than filling in thin eyebrows. Obtaining a fuller look on the eyebrows is sometimes as easy as acquiring some brow powder or pencil. Gently brush on the colour in short even strokes, fill up the spaces on the eyebrows according to the shape you’ve decided on. That way you don’t have to start over again if your hands are not as steady as you’d like. If the end result does not look quite right, wipe them off with a gentle cleanser, tone, and try again. Make sure that you do not use an oil based cleanser on the area as that will make your subsequent tries much harder to do-over.


‘Pluck, pluck, pluck’ said the chick ….

Using tweezers to keep stray hairs away is a nifty pick-me-up but do get your eyebrows professionally shaped to suit your face. And stay away from over doing it. Over-plucking the eyebrows will eventually cause it to cease growing back. Pressing vigorously when applying a brow pencil will also cause you to lose the hair in years to come.


If you do want to give it a go at home, draw out a shape first to see if that suits your face. And then start tweezing a bit at a time starting with the bottom row of hairs, from inner tip to outer tip. If you over-pluck or have changed the shape of your eyebrows, it may take several months to re-grow your eyebrows to a shape you want.

Friends with graphic design skills can provide great fun in testing out a celebrity eyebrow on your face before you nip in to the salon to ask for a Kardashian or Naomi Campbell eyebrows. Some people have facial structures that look good even without eyebrows, not that you’re going to shave yours off. Or are you? This blogger with some pretty nifty skills had some fun ( didn’t he?


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