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Gorgeous Eyebrows – The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

 The hairy lines above your beautiful eyes are powerful beauty tools.

Stars in Hollywood are making use of what best suits the shape of their face to create an optical illusion and so can you.

But how do I get my furry friends in shape?

Happily read away as we help you through thick and thin to guide you on your way to gorgeous, natural-looking eyebrows that best suit your face shape.

Finding the perfect eyebrow shape that brings balance and harmony to your facial structures may seem tricky, but not if you stick to a few basic rules.

You may be a big fan of a certain look you have seen online or on your favourite Hollywood actress, but that may not be the right shape for you.

It is crucial to choose the right width, shape and colour according to your personal facial and bone structure and not just follow the latest trend.

If you prefer full eyebrows, it may be just a matter of brow powder or a brow pencil and you’re good to go.

All you need to do is evenly and gently brush on the colour filling up the spaces in strokes to form the desired shape. If you are not happy with the result, you can simply wash it off with an oil-free cleanser and try again until you are satisfied with the look.

Some handy tips

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a great example for thick, and full eyebrows and the look is very popular but it doesn’t work for everyone.

If you have a tiny face and delicate features this look might not be the one for you.

If you would rather have thin eyebrows, we advise you to head straight to your trusted salon eyebrow specialist to help you pick the shape best suited for your face. Tweezing may keep returning hair at bay and you can try doing it at home but remember, it may take months for your eyebrows to grow back if you overpluck.

Always start plucking from the bottom hair row and inner side to the outer side. The brow must start and end in the right position or it won’t look right. You may end up with a permanent angry or surprised look if you don’t.

Always make sure the brow starts at the arch of the nose (the arch being just above your iris ending parallel in the corner part of the eye). We advise you to get the shaping done by a professional to be safe rather than sorry. Don’t overdo it, as with all things in life, balance is the key and in this case,  too much may lead to hair not growing back in the future!

Let’s take a look at your face is it oval, round, long, square, heart or diamond shaped?

If you have a long face that you wish to optically shorten, you might want to consider flat eyebrows like the beautiful Scarlett Johansson or Claudia Schiffer.

If your face is oval-shaped your structures are already very well balanced. You can use the soft angled eyebrow shape which goes up and lightly curves round from the top and down.

If your face is shaped like a heart and your goal is to increase the focus on this, you can bring out the softness with curved eyebrows using your chin as the bottom part of the heart and your brows as the top of your heart.

If you have a round face and want to create a ‘thinner’ look by making your face optically longer, your eyebrows should point up and down with a high arch to the highest point of your eyebrow. Avoid rounded eyebrows as it will add to the roundness of your face.

If your face is rather square, you can balance and harmonise it with a strong bow or curved eyebrow look as it balances your jawline.

For a stronger appeal with a point at the top of your brow or for a softer look, you may prefer the curved eyebrow shape.

Diamond face shapes who wish to make their face seem less wide can make the widest part of their face seem less wide with a curved eyebrow shape.

And let’s not forget the men! Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Hugh Jackman all have great eyebrow shapes that can be replicated using your local salon. There are styles including angled, bold, natural and slit.

So what are you waiting for?

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