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Hair Removal with Laser, IPL or Waxing

An average of one thousand clients walk through each Essential Beauty salon door every month. 59% are after some form of hair removal treatment be it waxing or IPL or laser hair reduction.

Waxing clients will find that they will need to revisit our salons around the four week mark. That is because hair which has been removed via waxing will grow back. Like clockwork. Waxing removes hair by pulling it out by its roots. It will grow back slightly finer and perhaps sparser if the roots are damaged. The good news is, waxing does not discriminate. Whatever type and colour hair you have, wax will still adhere to it and will be removed.

Hair removal with IPL or laser uses heat from light rays to target hair roots, incapacitating it from ever growing again. Depending on the growth phase of the hair follicle, only approximately ten percent of the hair is successfully disabled each time. This is the reason why multiple sessions are required to achieve an acceptable level of hair removal. Most clients will see results after 6 – 8 treatments on the proviso that treatment appointments are strictly adhered to. This is intended to capture as many hairs as possible during its growth phase.

Other factors affecting the number of treatment sessions required are the area being treated, skin type, hair colour, age, gender, hormones and metabolism. Medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) will experience poor result and clients should consult their doctors before undergoing hair reduction treatments.

While there is some immediate hair loss, the more common result is for hair to continue falling out over the next two to three weeks. Over the course of the six or seven treatment sessions, clients can achieve a significant amount of hair reduction in the treatment area. Subsequent maintenance treatments are only required once every six to twelve months.

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