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Hot tips for evaluating a piercing salon

One of the most popular piercings are bellybutton piercings, and at this time of year people just love getting their shiny new piercing out in the warm sunshine. We are so often asked about piercing methods when it is quite simple really. You must never pierce a bellybutton with an ear piercing gun!

So now that we have that problem put to one side, how do you choose a reputable piercing salon?


Questions you could ask your potential piercer include:

  1. Do they offer a range of jewellery? Note – it is important not to buy jewellery from a shop which cannot pierce you as the jewellery may not be the correct size and will need to be sterilised. You should choose your Jewellery from the salon who will pierce you and in due course, you can change the jewellery later on.
  2. How many people have they pierced?
  3. Do they have private rooms?
  4. Do they have female piercers (if this is important to you)?
  5. Do they have autoclave sterilisation?
  6. Do they have regular health inspections?
  7. Cost? Remember – you get what you pay for!
  8. Is homecare discussed?
  9. Do you have any allergies? If so, mention it to your piercer and invite them to recommend alternative metals to surgical stainless steel.
  10. Do they have any other recommendations?

Once you have answered these questions you should make a booking at your local salon.


In order to prepare for your piercing you should make sure:

  1. You have eaten something before attending your appointment.
  2. You have somebody else with you (this is optional depending on your comfort levels).
  3. You should make your appointment in the morning (don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s rest).
  4. Note and action any other recommendations the salon may have made to you.
  5. Relax – a piercing procedure is momentary. You’ll feel a brief pinch and a small amount of pressure. There are some numbing sprays available on the market and from chemists. However, these are rarely needed by most people.

Remember, you want to choose a reputable salon, because in the unlikely event that something doesn’t go according to plan, you can revisit the salon. So choose carefully. The web is a good place to start when trying to work out who will pierce your precious body parts!

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