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How do I get rid of piercing bumps?

What are those little lumps that appear on some people’s piercings? Is it keloid scarring? Is it granuloma?  Is it a hypertrophic scar? It could be anything but usually its consider a piercing bump.

Let’s start on definitions:

Keloid scars:

Are scars which, depending on age are composed of either Type 3 (initial) or Type I (late) collagen.

They are the result of the deposition of tissue. That is, Collagen Type 3 at the site of a healed skin injury which is then slowly replaced by Collagen Type 1.

They are characterized by firm, fibrous lumps that vary in colour. Keloids are not hypertrophic scars, which are raised scars that do not grow more than the original wound.

Hypertrophic scars:

Are a skin condition illustrated by a raised scar that has developed after injury or trauma, Scars are common throughout the healing process. However, a hypertrophic scar is usually the result of an abnormal response to a trauma or injury.


Occurs when there is inflammation. It is a collection of immune cells known as macrophages.

They form when a person’s immune system overreacts to what it believes is foreign but is unable to remove (eg piercing jewellery). These often occur in the ear cartilage and can be prone to infection.

Your piercing bump or lump is likely to be a granuloma!

Piercing Bump Essential Beauty

How to Manage your Piercing Bump

Management of your piercing bump or lump includes using Bump Discs ®. Please see below:

These tiny medical-grade silicone discs keep your piercing in shape helping to avoid infection by applying pressure to the area which helps to gradually drain the area of fluid. They consistently help in reducing the discomfort associated with piercing bumps.

  • Changing jewellery to either Titanium or Bioplast which are both biologically compatible with the human body.
  • Throughout the process please maintain your cleaning regime using the Sterilear system and remember not to touch or rotate your piercing and be gentle with it!

Ask for Bump Discs®  by name at any Essential Beauty salon now.

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