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How Long is a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

We’ve all had stressful days and time is a luxury in today’s world, so you might ask yourself how much time do you need to invest in your laser hair removal treatments and what is the cost of laser hair removal?

Bearing in mind the countless mornings you had to shave, wax or epilate, laser hair removal might take time from you today, but leave you with long-lasting results that will free you of unwanted hair altogether.

Laser treatment for hair removal prices are very reasonable nowadays, especially when compared to traditional methods, so a small time investment will produce long-term tangible results.

Treatment times and prices can vary and it does depend on the size of the treatment area.

Smaller areas such as the upper lip might only take 5-10 minutes. Leg hair removal and larger areas such as the chest or the back may take up to an hour.

Laser hair removal will leave you with long lasting results while traditional methods such as shaving only offer short relief from your hairy problem.

Due to the fact that hair grows in different cycles, you do require multiple treatments for optimal and long-term results. It is important to leave a sufficient break time of 4-8 weeks in between sessions. The amount of laser hair treatments depends on your personal skin type but usually 6-8 treatments are sufficient. We do recommend use of the Fitzpatrick Scala for more information on skin type and hair colour.

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