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How to give yourself a mini facial at home

3 simple steps to tide your skin over until the next time you visit the salon. Here’s what to do at home.

Instead of having to ready a pot of boiling water and a towel to cover your head with, just reach for a tube of TONIC cleanser or exfoliating scrub. Any variant will do although my personal favourite is the milk cleanser. If you are wearing makeup, please remove this first with a gentle makeup remover.


Step #1 – Apply either the TONIC Cleansing Milk, Clarifying Foaming Cleanser or the Microexfoliant+ liberally to the face and neck.

If your skin has not seen any love for a while, you may find sebum popping out of your open pores. If you don’t, yay! It means that your skin is not a lost cause. In any case, the cleanser masks would have dissolved the dirt and dead skin cells that have been clogging up your pores.


Step #2 – Do a bit of extraction with a comedone extractor if you are up to it, to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Follow this up with a scrub but please be very gentle if you have been overzealous with the extractions. If you have used the TONIC Microexfoliant+ as a mask, all you have to do is to wet your fingers slightly, apply a bit more Microexfoliant+ and massage it into the skin whilst applying a little pressure. Massage the face in a circular motion and do the same for the neck. Stop when you can see the exfoliant becoming clumpy.


Step #3 – Wash off and pat dry with a clean towel, or just step into the shower to complete your ablutions for the day.

Your skin will feel absolutely yummy! For the next few days after, you may feel that your skin is oilier and that is good news. The pores are now unclogged and are allowing your skin’s natural oils to reach the surface. Blot that off with a tissue if it bothers you.

Thanks to our friends at TONIC Skincare for the videos!

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