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I tried the curated ear piercing trend at Essential Beauty!

Curated Ear Essential BeautyYou’ve seen it all over Pinterest and Instagram, every celebrity and influencer is jumping on the bandwagon and if you’re like me, you have piercings inspo board on your Pinterest account!

Collecting a bunch of random piercings over the years (complete with mismatched jewellery you found at the bottom of your jewellery box) are finally a thing of the past thanks to the curated ear trend!

There is a new way to get pierced – the curated ear, made famous by Maria Tash! Get all your piercings done at once or over a few appointments by simply going back to the same salon. This new way of piercing ensures you have a plan with your piercer and you’re able to complete your look with matching jewellery!

There are over 20 places to get pierced on your ears! On my left side, I chose double helix, daith and three lobe piercings. On the right side I went with forward helix, conch and three lobe piercings again!

Already have piercings? You can still join in on the fun! Refresh your look with a jewellery change over in salon.

Complete your curated ear constellation and style with matching jewellery that complements your personal look. How to discover your curated ear style?  I suggest sticking with one metal – silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal or black.

You can choose for the main focus; the colour of the metal, coloured stone (s) or choose one statement piece surrounded by petite studs or hoops.

I chose to go with gold! Essential Beauty stock a wide range of jewellery in a variety of metals and stones – so the possibilities are endless!

There are no rules here. Get creative and release your inner stylist. Before you start curating your ear stack, find some inspiration on Instagram and have a one-on-one discussion with one of Essential Beauty’s piercing specialists.

The piercing specialists at Essential Beauty will be able to recommend which piercings are best suited to your anatomy, size and shape of your ears while taking your day-to-day lifestyle and personal style into consideration!

Happy piercing!


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