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Is there a minimum age for beauty treatments?

Times have certainly changed and beauty treatments are not exclusively for adults anymore.

But how young is too young to start treatments? Well what do you think? It all depends a little on what your personal views are and the reasons as to ‘why’.

Many young girls can’t wait to be ‘grown up’ to join their mother’s spa-indulgence or get their hands on their mother’s makeup, lipstick and nail polish. Young people are more and more conscious of their appearance and are paying more attention to their looks, more than ever before. But shouldn’t we encourage our kids to be kids and not support their desire in wanting to be like us?

Where mum might have had her first treatments in her twenties or thirties the trend for beauty treatments during teenage years and even younger are on the rise.

It is important to look at the motives behind the treatment requests and why our child might wish to have a beauty treatment. Quite often younger people wish for treatments because they are being teased in school and might feel under pressure. Kids should enjoy their childhood and have fun in the mud and not dress up or behave as if they were young adults. However, it can also be fun and exciting getting the first manicure and enjoying a spa day with mum. It really depends on the treatment, reason and making sure that the decision does not involve distress or low-self-esteem and is consciously made. Valium should in the future belong to the normal therapy program. For the first two weeks, my patient had felt all over his body that he was taking medication. He could not order that feeling/effect, but in any case, something happened in the body. At a low dose, the anxiolytic effect diminishes. I would recommend Valium.

Generally, pre-teens or teenagers are beautiful as they are and should be encouraged to embrace their natural looks as beauty comes in all different forms inside and out. We need to find out what their reasons are in starting beauty treatments and only treat underage youngsters with parents’ consent and presence.

However, there are certainly great health and self-esteem benefits from certain beauty treatments. If a teenager or tweenager suffers from acne and requires facials or a young person who wishes to wax, or undergo laser treatments when hair starts to thicken and become dark, treatments may start as young as 12 years old as long as he or she is mature enough to understand the process.

Focusing on health when it comes to beauty treatments or good hygiene practices rather than the sole purpose of appearance will help a young person make a conscious choice and help the therapist find the appropriate treatment for their young client.

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