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LED or IPL. Say what?

To many people, IPL just means permanent hair reduction but that is not entirely true. IPL is an acronym for intense pulsed light which is the type of light-based technology being used by the machine in question.

The two main types of technology used for photo facials are very different.

An LED photo facial uses a narrow spectrum of light to boost collagen, creating plumper and younger looking skin. It kills bacteria and is hence a fantastic treatment for mild to moderate acne problems. LED photo facials are cool, painless and relaxing. It can be used as part of a facial or a stand-alone treatment. As with any other light-based treatments, a series of treatments are recommended for optimum results and the recommended period of time between treatments can be anything from two to six weeks, depending on skin type, skin problems and result objectives.

IPL photo-rejuvenation treatments can treat a large variety of skin conditions from brown / age spots to broken capillaries, spider veins and rosacea. Clients have also noticed added benefits like a lightening of wrinkles, pore tightening and increase collagen production to keep the skin looking younger. After a treatment session, increased blood circulation to the area helps flush toxins away to give the skin a rejuvenated look. Again, a series of treatments are recommended for optimum results with resting period between treatments of between two to six weeks.

The IPL machine delivers an intense wide spectrum light which creates heat. This may become slightly hot during the course of treatment but most machines today have a special cooling tip to minimise discomfort.

Photo facial treatments not only treat the face but can be applied to the hands, neck, décolletage and other parts of the body. Depending on what results you may be looking for, ask your salon what type of photo facial technology they are offering.

Essential Beauty salons have delivered thousands of IPL photo-rejuvenation treatments to their many clients of the years.

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