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Make your BROWS talk

Brows can talk, just not with words. Whether you pluck, tweeze, shape them or leave them au naturel, you are actually saying ‘hello, I’m ……’

Egyptian men and women in 3,500BC – 2,500BC painted prominent eyebrows and sported kohl-lined eyes in homage to Horus, God of the sky, war and hunting. Ancient Greeks and Romans, 800BC – 476AD thought the monobrow was the sexiest thing and during the Middle Ages, having almost no brows was the ‘in’ thing. In the 20th century, women seem to be changing the way their brows talk every decade, a trend that has continued till today. The Chinese believe that changing the shape of the eyebrows can change a person’s karma.

The millennials though are all about being individual, it’s all about being me! It’s not all that surprising considering that you are being told to make it your own in almost all things that you do. I for one, fully support the whatever looks best or whatever makes you most comfortable attitude. Whichever look you choose, here’s what you’re telling people without saying it out loud.


Bold Brows

Bold brows. Makes people think you are an assertive person, especially if those brows are naturally bold. You have confidence, are decisive and sassy. Where there is an upside, there is also a downside. You are also easily frustrated and prone to anger. It’s all about balance and management. When you feel you’re getting overly frustrated, think about those gorgeous bold brows you are rocking and tell the world to ‘bring it’.


Thin Brows

Thin brows. Struggled to make decisions sometimes? You are adverse to risk taking and like to play it safe. If you feel a lack of self-confidence as well, surround yourself with positive thinking friends and family.


High Arched Brows

High arched brows signal perfectionism. You set high expectations of yourself and others around you. You are motivated to get up and do it, and if others on the team can’t keep up, you leave them behind. You can come off as an intimidating person, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on how you balance your actions.


Over Plucked Thin Brows

Over-plucked thin brows. This was the look in the 90s, not so much in the new millennium. If you are still sporting this look by choice, you may be telling others that you are narcissistic. Whilst the high arched brows are saying ‘look at me, I’m great’, what you’re saying here is ‘look at me, I want attention’.


Curved Brows

Curved brows. Curved brows that are rounded says you are warm and bold. You are a savvy business person who wants and can create as many positive opportunities as you can, and what’s even better, you come across as trustworthy especially in business.


Angled Brows

Angled brows. People with this type of brows come across as sensitive and private but what others may not see is that you can be highly set in your thinking.


Straight Brows

Straight brows show the world that you are intelligent and logical. You are good at compartmentalising your emotions and don’t make impulsive decisions. Partner up with friends with peaked brows to loosen up every now and then.


Peaked Brows

Peaked brows. You are a quick learner and tend to let your emotions rule. You are spontaneous and come across as someone who is game for fun and laughter any time.


Brow colour that does not match the hair like Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner are sporting is just saying ‘look at me, I’m different’. You are bold, ready to take risks and ready to shine.

Bushy brows come across as a masculine and dominant type whilst the thinner brows reflect a more feminine look. Whether the brows sit high or lower in relation to the eyes also reflect on how you are perceived but changing that requires invasive cosmetic intervention. So just stick to tidying them up to keep the brows from going wild. Most of us will have a mix of this plus that, or slightly this and more of that, which keeps all of us individually interesting.


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