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Do Men need more Laser Hair Removal sessions?

The short answer is yes, because males have more hair.

Regular shaving stresses the skin.

The Aussie male has an average lifespan of 80 years. But assuming he starts shaving at the age of 16 and stops around 70, that’s an average of 20,000 shaves in his lifetime. The constant shaving removes dead skin cells on the epidermis or the upper layers of skin cells without allowing it time for recovery. Shaving exposes cells underneath, cells which may be too immature due to regular stripping of the epidermis. These immature skin cells are more sensitive and react to irritations easily resulting in razor bumps, pimples or worse. So if you are pretty certain about being hair-free, laser or IPL hair removal treatment is the way to go.

Having said that, one would think that most men would just sign up for Laser or IPL treatments on the lips or chin but the most popular Laser and IPL treatment amongst Essential Beauty’s male clientele is the back. This is followed closely by the chest and stomach, whilst arms and legs are gaining popularity.

When you walk into the salon, our therapists will schedule a consultation first. Whilst the average number of treatments will be between 6 – 10 sessions of treatment, it is likely you will require one or two sessions more. This is simply because men do have more hair. Laser hair removal only successfully retards hair growth when the hair is in its growth phase. With greater numbers of hair on the body, there are more hairs in the different stages of growth at any given time.

Laser and IPL treatments are becoming more commonplace and affordable everyday. Visit an Essential Beauty salon near you for a consultation or make an appointment online.

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