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Men are Waxing More

Ashton Kutcher does it. Steve Carell should do it. And Harrison Ford does one better, he does IPL! I remember coming across a very old picture of Sean Connery in the little known 1974 movie Zardoz. That image has been seared in my mind and not in a good way either. It just reinforces the fact that men have finally gotten it right by going for some waxing.

Having body hair is absolutely fine but too much body hair definitely needs management. How much body hair is too much?

According to our female clients, none seems to be in vogue. The most popular of all the treatments we offer are the XXX Brazilian, eyebrow and leg waxing, whilst a fair number of ladies prefer a more long term remedy with permanent hair reduction, commonly known as IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments. With IPL, the surprising preference is for underarms treatments, but the XXX Brazilian is a very close second, with the lip and chin treatments as the next most popular.

Likewise for men, waxing is a hugely popular treatment. Eyebrow waxing takes the lead for male waxing followed closely by back and shoulder waxing. Many of our male clientele also go for IPL treatments for the back and shoulders to rid the area of hair. Chest and XXX Manzilian waxing make up the next most popular treatments for our male clientele.

I came across a brave soul who was having his chest waxed for the first time. He said ‘I have been deceived by Steve Carell’s 40 Year-Old Virgin for too long. It’s really not too bad’.

Waxing, and by extension, permanent hair reduction (IPL) treatments are here to stay. It’s traditionally been the ladies’ domain but more and more men and venturing into this man-scape. Would you do it?

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