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Most popular piercings

Fashion comes and goes. We can all remember around the early 2000s when belly piercing was all the rage. It is still popular today, but not to the same extent.

So. what has taken its place?

Ear piercing is now the most popular of all the piercings with tongue piercing being number one in cultures around the world.

Now, most of us think of ear piercing as just the lobe. But there is so much more. Have a look at the diagram below:

At Essential Beauty we pierce all parts of the ear and body!
At Essential Beauty we pierce all parts of the ear and body!

Conch Piercings are very popular as are Rook and Tragus piercings.

Non-ear piercings that are popular include still Belly, Labret, Nipple and Nose piercings.

With ear and all piercings, it is easy to keep on trend and create that sense of sassy and rebellion at the same time. Now let’s get onto the hot Goss.

Here is a list of celebrities who have had piercings. Remember a piercing is not forever. You may be left with a slight perforation hole but generally speaking, when you remove a piercing, it heals over. It is not like a tattoo. So, with piercing, you can follow the fashion trend and not leave anything behind that you may regret in years to come!

Let’s have a look at the celebs:

Beyoncé                                 Belly Piercing

Kim Kardashian                    Lip Piercing

Paris Jackson                       Nose Piercing

Kelly Clarkson                       Nose Piercing

Zoe Kravitz                            Septum Piercing

Priyanka Chopra                   Belly Piercing

Kendall Jenner                      Nipple Piercing

Kylie Jenner                          Many and various!

Scarlett Johansson              Septum Piercing

Drew Barrymore                   Tongue Piercing

Bella Hadid                            Nipple Piercing

Katy Perry                              Nose Piercing

Rihanna                                  Nipple Piercing

Miley Cyrus                           Nose Ring

Perrie Edwards                     Surface Piercing

Zayn Malik                             Ear and Nose piercings

Then of course there are people like Fergie who has too many piercings to mention!  Even Kate Moss has multiple ear piercings.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep on trend and visit the staff at Essential Beauty for the latest and greatest in fashion piercing. Book Online now or call your local salon.

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