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Nipple Piercing: Cost? Pain? Benefits?

Given the private nature of a nipple piercing, it’s hard to know who has and who hasn’t taken the plunge, but one thing is for sure, it’s a hot topic and one of our favourite Summer accessories!

Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are all rumoured to have one, but nipple piercings are not just for celebs, they’re for anyone. Here are some of the trends happening with nipple piercings at present:

  • Both men and women are getting their nipples pierced.
  • Piercing both nipples horizontally is on-trend.
  • It enhances sensation to the area.
  • Barbells are way more popular than rings as they are more subtle underclothes and create less irritation.
  • We can pierce almost any nipple including inverted or small nipples. The only thing that varies is the jewellery size. Piercing inverted nipples may actually cause them to push out.
  • As nipple piercings are becoming increasingly popular, there are a lot of jewellery styles to choose from! Options include surgical steel, Titanium, Bioplast, PVD black, gold and rose gold all with gem and design options and Swarovski crystals.

What about pain?

Most of our client’s say that the pain factor is totally bearable. It is like 1,2 and you’re done. Spend some time researching it and chatting with those who have had it done. Your piercer will make you feel calm and relaxed, make sure you eat beforehand and stay hydrated!

Healing time?

On average nipple piercings take between 4-6 months to heal.

Check out healing times for all piercings here

Be sure to keep it clean with our 2 Step Sterilear Piercing Spray System and avoid touching the area or your jewellery during the healing process. Use a waterproof band-aid if you have to enter the water.

If you want to get both nipples pierced you can do so in one appointment, or wait until one heals and come back for the next! It is entirely up to you!


I’m ready how does it work?

  • Book Online – first thing in the morning after a light breakfast is best!
  • In all states except for NSW, genitalia (including nipples) must be a strict 18 years of age and identification must be provided. In NSW you must be 17 before getting your nipple pierced.
  • Fill in the paperwork and present your photo ID.
  • Choose from our range of jewellery.
  • Your piercer will mark the location of the piercing, you’ll lie down on bed- and 1,2 you’re done!
  • 2 Step Sterilear Piercing Spray System and download Home Care Instructions here: (insert link)
  • After a few days, your piercing may still be a little sore.
  • Keep in touch with us about how your piercing is going.

Once healed, you can change your jewellery but be sure to let us do it for you! If you ever have to take out your piercing (say for day surgery, X-Ray, scan or MRI), you can purchase a “retainer” which is a clear plastic barbell made of Bioplast that won’t upset any procedure.

What is the cost?

Cost can vary, select your salon to view our piercing pricing

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