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Nose piercing positioning: Things to think about

Nose piercing is the most common of all facial piercings. The positioning of your nose piercing is a personal choice and can be positioned in different locations on the nose depending on the shape of your nose and preference.

The placement of a nose stud or ring/hoop can be anywhere along with the nostril, the most commonplace is through the curve of the nostril (the crease of the ‘wing’ of the nostril).

If you are unsure or need a little help deciding, think about these questions before your appointment. Your piercer will also give you a few different options and mark the spot where the piercing will go so you can agree on the placement before anything happens.

  1. Will you be getting pierced with a ring or a stud? Or will you want to change between the two in the future?
  2. Do you ever see yourself getting a stacked or double nose piercing, or asymmetrical nose piercing on both sides of your nose?
  3. Is the crease and wing of your nostril more prominent on one side?
  4. Do you want your piercing sitting closer to the front of your nostril or further back? On the crease or up high?

Read on and we will answer these questions to help you decide the best position for your nose piercing. Our piercers will mark up a few different positions after consulting with you to help you decide the best option for your individual style and nose shape. We always take our time with this so you get all the possible options for your piercing.

  1. If you prefer to wear a ring or hoop, your piercing may need to be lower or you may need to wear a larger ring. If you’re sure that you will always wear a nose stud and would prefer a higher piercing that is totally fine! Keep in mind that the higher the position the harder it will be for you to change your jewellery on your own.
  2. You may need to position your nose piercing differently to accommodate space for a second piercing in the future. You can have a stacked or double nose piercing performed on the same day which means you will be able to get the positioning exactly right.

Your face is not completely symmetrical. Lining up a double piercing for the nostrils takes care and planning. We have various ways to create the best possible piercing symmetry for you, including using measuring tools like callipers.

  1. One side of your nose may protrude more than the other. It is better to choose the thinnest part of your nostril where it dips in more. This means there is less chance of swelling. However, if you have your heart set on piercing the side that is thicker or bulges out more, that’s ok too. We would recommend choosing a ring to allow more room for swelling.
  2. The positions of a nose piercing really depend on the type of jewellery you choose.
  • If your piercing is close to the front of your nose a ring/ hoop can sit better. Studs in this position may cause the backing to slip forward and stick out of your nose.
  • A stud or a ring can be worn mid-way on the nasal crease/ wing.
  • A stud may look better than a ring if your piercing is further back or up high on the nasal crease/ wing. A ring in this area will need to be quite large, whereas if it is further down the nose it will give you the option to choose a smaller, snug looking ring. Remembering that the jewellery will be more difficult to change in this area, whether it’s a ring or a stud.
  • If your piercing is further down the nose it will give you the option to choose a smaller ring that looks snugger.

If you change your mind after you get a nose piercing, don’t worry, nose piercings heal up fast after you take your jewellery out and you can always try another position or the opposite side in the future. You can also get pierced with a clear Bioplast nose retainer during school or work and have it ready to show off in your holidays. This will also give you time to get used to the position you have chosen.

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