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Sterilear Ear and Body Piercing Spray

Sterilear Ear and Body Piercing Spray

What does Sterilear Ear and Body Piercing Spray do?

Sterilear Ear and Body Piercing Spray cleanses piercings by removing dried matter including lymph secretions when used in accordance with the directions.

The Sterilear Sea Salt Alcohol Free formula creates an optimal environment which reduces healing time. Research has concluded that shorter healing times occur when naturally optimal healing environments are promoted rather than trying to heal with chemicals (soap, alcohol and the like) because these destroy beneficial bacteria.


Product specifications

  • All natural ingredients
  • Sea Salt Solution
  • Safe for all Skin Types
  • Alcohol Free
  • Unique pump pack
  • No cross contamination!


Directions for use

For all types of Ear and Body piercings. Spray undiluted two to three times a day directly over the piercing and jewellery – bathe thoroughly. Do this for two weeks and follow written home care advice given thereafter. Do not touch piercing or jewellery with hands. Only touch piercing while in shower for rotation. Stop use if irritation occurs and consult your physician. Avoid eye contact. Not for oral use.


Sterilear Step 2

This is a saline solution that works in conjunction with the original Sterilear Step 1. Used as a second step treatment, Sterilear Step 2 supports the healing process of all piercings with the effects of natural sea salt and minerals.

After your initial piercing use Sterilear Step 1 for the first two weeks then continue the healing process with Sterilear Step 2. Spray a liberal amount, undiluted two to three times a day directly over the piercing and jewellery. Do this for an additional two weeks. Using these two products combined will help deliver shorter healing times and helps promote a more natural healing process.