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Raising eyebrows

Having well shaped brows is a must. We are all familiar with the expression that the “Eyes are the window to the soul”. If that is the case then eyebrows are the frame!

Gone are the days of thin eyebrows today it seems having full thick eyebrows is the trend. The bigger the better!

With the appropriate shaping you can create gorgeous looking brows that frame your eyes and face. Great eyebrows highlight your eyes and enhance all your features.

A good symmetrical eyebrow shape can make you look healthier and younger.

Research has shown that when we look for a partner we look for facial symmetry. Our subconscious is scanning for symmetry to ascertain if a prospective partner has good genes or not. Having asymmetrical features is seen as a sign of poor health by our subconscious.

Good eyebrow shaping will help correct any uneven facial features. A good eyebrow artist can create symmetry between your two eyebrows even if you weren’t born with it.

It’s best to keep regular appointments with your therapist so as not to lose the shape they create for you. For ongoing maintenance of your eyebrows please keep in mind that waxing can last between 3 to 4 weeks.

Taking care of your skin after a treatment is also important.



After you’ve had your eyebrows shaped, you should give the skin around your eyebrows time to rejuvenate so please do not apply:

  • foundation
  • toners or
  • cleansers

for at least two hours after your treatment, this will allow time for the skin to recover and rejuvenate. In turn, this will protect from bacterial infections and breakouts.

Always make sure your therapist discusses with you any areas of your eyebrow shape you would like to even out.

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