Brow & Lash Services

Our waxing professionals at Essential Beauty will create your individualised perfect brow shape during your appointment. Be sure to bring along an exact idea of what you are looking for. These Dos and Don’ts below, will ensure that your waxing experience is top-class.

To make your eyes look as beautiful and flawless as possible we can extend, curl, colour and shape lashes and brows. Eye enhancements are beneficial for:

  • Those with light coloured lashes and brows
  • People that do not want their eye enhancements to run
  • People that want their eye enhancements to look natural
  • People that want to match their eye enhancements to their hair and skin colour
  • People that want no maintenance for 2-6 weeks
  • People whose eyesight is fading and have trouble applying their eye makeup.

An eyelash tint is great if you wear no mascara. This will also improve the look of mascara application.

A brow tint will add colour to your most important facial feature. It will take you from ordinary to fabulous in a heartbeat.

An eyebrow wax will give you well shaped, sculptured and defined eyebrows.

A lash lift is a semi-permanent curl that can last up to 4 weeks.

Party lashes are a group of lashes that are bonded in and amongst your natural eyelashes. This will give you fuller, longer and thicker lashes for an evening look or special event. Party lashes can last up to two weeks.

Talk to one of our therapists to help to create your perfect look.

The best brow shape for your face is completely individualised. Every design is unique. Having said that, there are five basic eyebrow shapes that are defined and our waxing professionals will help you find the best natural brow shape that works for your face.

Brow shapes include:

Sharp angled eyebrows

Sharp angled eyebrows

Round eyebrows

Round eyebrows

Flat eyebrows

Flat Eyebrows


S-shaped eyebrows

s shape eyebrows-

Soft Angled eyebrows

Soft angle eyebrows

It is critical to have our eyebrow professionals help you determine which shape is best for your face so that you can have the best possible result.

Here are some common face shapes noting that everyone is individual.




A round face can usually be complemented with sharp angled brows which have a high arch. This helps create defined better lines.


Long or Oval

This type of face shape gives you the advantage of being able to have a soft arch or a flat brow. If you have an arch that is too high, it can make the face look longer which we do not want to accentuate

Heart Shaped

A heart-shaped face is complemented with a natural and soft angled arch which will draw attention to the upper half of your face.

Rectangle or Square

Most square faces have very well-defined sharp angles as features. A slightly angled brow will create balance and uniqueness to the face.

At Essential Beauty, we believe everyone deserves to have beautiful eyebrows that get noticed. Using our unique four-step waxing process, we will prepare and pamper your eyebrows for the most comfortable experience you have ever had.

And the result? Perfectly shaped, well-defined eyebrows that will leave you feeling gorgeous.

Eyes Unique

Brow shape, Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and a Lash Lift

In order to be truly beautiful, we have developed our unique four-step system for flawless and gorgeous brows.

Step one:

Consultation and evaluation to determine the best eyebrow shape that will compliment your face shape, bone structure and the shape of your eyes.

Step two:

Our pre-wax skin cleanser will remove dirt and oil to ensure maximum grip on the hair whilst being gentle on the skin. This helps to give a clean, sharp and smoother finish to your brow shape.

Step three:

We have a choice of two waxes specially formulated just for Essential Beauty salons. Our waxing professionals can help you chose the best option for your individual skin type. Our waxes are gentle on the skin and have a superior grip on the hair for maximum comfort and results.

Step four:

Rejuvenation – We finish off with a relaxing massage around your eyebrows. We use our unique ingrown hair serum, Ingro Stopper to soothe and protect your skin.

Doing it yourself: grooming your brows at home can lead to removing too much hair leaving unnatural shapes and possible over tweezing. It is best to leave your brows to the professionals who have tertiary qualifications in determining what the best eyebrow shape is for your face.

They will also be able to determine the exact amount of hair that needs to be removed. Essential Beauty offers professional brow shaping. We are the expert in eyebrows. We undertake a thorough eyebrow consultation to determine the best shape for you,

Threading: involves using cotton thread to remove rows of hair from your eyebrow. It is a new technique with drawbacks. Waxing is a quicker and less painful solution. This is because threading removes each hair on an individual basis creating an uncomfortable experience.

Further, with waxing, you can achieve sharp clean brow lines that last longer. In addition, threading is also problematic on sensitive skin especially if you have skin conditions like acne.

Our Natural Comfort Film Wax and trained waxing professionals can work on even the most sensitive skin. It is difficult to find a skilled threader, but our trained waxing professionals are available all day every day.

Tweezing: Similar to threading, tweezing is a slow and more painful experience than waxing. In addition, the results do not last as long and there have been many cases where people have “over tweezed”, causing permanent damage. Having said that, tweezing is still a great way to take care of any stray hairs that are left over and can be used in between your appointment to keep your brows looking they’re very best.

Eyebrow waxing is not just for the ladies. Manscaping including eyebrow waxing is becoming very popular with men who are welcome at Essential Beauty to book in with our eyebrow professionals.

If you have unruly brows, we recommend visiting one of our waxing professionals when your eyebrow hair starts to extend beyond the brow line or when there is a unibrow or monobrow.

Our eyebrow professionals have been trained in proper eyebrow shapes for both men and women. You can relax knowing that you will receive the optimum result you deserve. If you have thick or lots of hair, then waxing is a great option for you. Depending on your hair type, once you visit us, you can have an eyebrow shape that will look flawless and awesome for weeks on end.

Don’t put up with unruly eyebrows. A good eyebrow shape improves facial symmetry and gives you a more youthful and attractive look. Book in for your eyebrow consultation and discussion with one of our brow shaping professionals now. Book Online

When you leave one of our salons, your brows will look gorgeous and flawless. Here are five tips for you to maintain flawless brows.

With an eyebrow pencil or powder:

Step one:

Commence with the tail end of the eyebrow and use light, short strokes to fill in the tail by starting at the arch and extending towards the end of the eyebrow. Finish off the end with a point.

Step Two

Build your baseline across the bottom of the body of the brow.

Step Three

Frame and fill the body of the brow. Create a parallel line to the baseline of the brow. Then fill the area in between while avoiding the start of the eyebrow.

Step Four

Fill in the start of the eyebrow. Complete the inside edge of the brow using a light touch. This will avoid a “drawn” on look.

Step Five

Blend, blend and blend. Using an Essential Beauty spoolie brush, blend it all together to reach

If you have unwanted facial hair, you know that it can be embarrassing especially those fine hairs (known as superfluous and vellus hair) which are barely noticeable but can be seen on those areas like the lip and back of the ear. Especially in sunlight.

At Essential Beauty, the good news is that it is easy to remove all that hair so you can hold your head up high!

Book Online Now with one of our waxing professionals to get you looking smoother and younger.


Reason one

Feeling Smooth is better because waxing removes the facial hair from the root as opposed to cutting it off at the surface. This causes the hair to grow back smoothly and leaves you razor rash and stubble free.

Reason two

Waxing is economical and you do not have to make a large investment to be silky smooth 24/7.

Reason three

Less hair will grow back. Now that is good news. One of the great benefits of waxing your facial hair is that the more you wax, the less hair will grow.

Reason three

With waxing you get long lasting results. Waxing lasts 2 to 3 weeks longer than other forms of facial hair removal. Just wax and forget. Perfect!

Get $10 off your first wax


The eyes are the window to the soul. Check out our full section on eyebrow waxing.


Many people find themselves in need of hair removal from the ear and waxing is a superb option. It is best to leave this to our professional staff because the ears can be sensitive and difficult to remove hair from, unless you have eyes in the back of your head!


The hair on the cheek can be difficult to remove also because it is fine and light. Waxing can really assist in this regard because it can extract every last strand of facial peach fuzz. As mentioned earlier, waxing provides one of the longest times in between services for hair regrowth.


When undertaken by a trained waxing professional, waxing is the best method and much less painful than other methods.



Whilst there are other methods for the removal of hair from the chin, waxing is the most effective. The chin can be known to have thicker, coarser hair with stronger roots making waxing, the optimum choice for hair removal over other techniques.

Hairlines and sideburns:

Most people have sideburns but when they are darker, they can make you feel self-conscious especially when wearing your hair in a particular manner. For example, being pulled back. The same is also true for an uneven hairline. The ability to wax your hairline and sideburns will give you a clean and perfect line. Also, it will give you the added benefit that hair returning in the future, will be finer and consequently be easier to manage.


Nose hairs can become long and unruly and basically stick out. Our focus is to wax the outer edge of your nostrils and also to some degree, the inner nostril. It is important to see one of our waxing professionals because of this sensitive area to ensure that you do not remove too much hair. Remember, nose hairs actually do have a purpose but need to be managed.

Neck – Front and Back:


Waxing is a long-lasting option for hair removal which results in the hair growing back finer over time. In addition to cleaning the hairline on your face, waxing the hairline on the back of your neck will give you a clean line also.

There are multiple ways that you can remove unwanted hair from your face. Below, we compare waxing to other hair removal procedures so that you can make an informed decision that suits your particular situation. We want you to be the best you can be.


Waxing versus threading


Threading involves using a string of cotton thread to remove hair and short rows from your face. Because it removes each hair individually, it can be uncomfortable and painful. In fact, more so than facial waxing. In addition, threading can be very difficult on sensitive skin particularly if you suffer acne or have any other skin problems.


Our Natural Comfort Film Wax and trained waxing professionals, know that we can treat even the most sensitive skins. It can be difficult to find a good threader, but with our trained waxing professionals, you need look no further for an expert.


Waxing versus shaving


Face shaving for women is certainly not recommended as the results are short-term and the razor only cuts the hair and doesn’t remove it from the root. You also liable to have stubble regrowth which can look embarrassing.


Waxing versus tweezing


Tweezing is a slower and more painful experience to waxing and the results do not last as long. In addition, it is very easy to break or miss the small hairs. Some women use an epilator to tweeze the hair from the roots more quickly. This is a lot more painful and we recommend manual tweezers to take care of those superfluous stray hairs and create a more blended look with your forehead. Our trained professionals know how to create an eyebrow shape and blend into the forehead at the same time.



Waxing versus Laser Hair Removal and IPL


Both of these can be expensive and require a number of treatments. In addition, there are less expensive at-home options but these can be potentially dangerous and can give terrible results. In addition, laser is not recommended for people with light or dark skin as it does not work.


Waxing versus bleaching


When you bleach unwanted facial hair, this doesn’t remove the hairs, it just makes them less noticeable. This option can work if you don’t have a lot of hair but the hair is still visible up close. Further, bleaching products can irritate sensitive skin. Our Natural Comfort Film Wax and trained professionals know how to wax even the most sensitive of skins.


Waxing versus depilatory creams


Chemicals present in depilatory creams weaken hair follicles so you can wipe away the hair from your skin. Because of the harsh chemicals involved, they can irritate your skin. Since the skin on your face is especially sensitive, this is not recommended. Our Natural Comfort Film Wax and waxing professionals have 25+ years of waxing the most sensitive skins and removing facial hair.

What can I expect from Essential Beauty?

There are many ways you can remove hair from the face. Making a booking with one of our waxing professionals Online or in salon. They will help you determine where you should remove those pesky hairs using the appropriate method.

Am I normal if I have excess hair?

Never be embarrassed by your individual circumstances. It is totally normal to have unwanted hair on your face. This process is about making you look and feel your very best, in the skin you have. 

Does it hurt?

There is little discomfort which is normal during your first-time facial waxing. However, it will hurt less and less every time you come and visit us.

What about redness?

Like any other area that you wax, the skin around the area may become a little red after your visit. Best to plan ahead and get a wax 2 to 3 days before any event.

What about sensitivity?

The skin on your face is more sensitive than other areas and so you may experience some slight sensitivity. If you experience extreme sensitivity, please consult one of our professionals.

How long will my wax last?

Normally around 2 to 3 weeks before you begin to see regrowth. However, as you wax your face more regularly, the amount and density of hair decreases.

Males have facial waxing on the brows, ear, nose, back of neck. In fact, anywhere hair is a problem.

Waxing can last up to 3 weeks and when the hair eventually grows back, it will be lighter and less dense. It will make further clean-up of the area even easier. As always, trust the waxing professionals at Essential Beauty so we can achieve the best and sharpest perfectly groomed look.

Areas that we can treat include:


Remember that nose hairs serve a purpose but excessive hair which pokes out is not a good look! Waxing the outer tip of your nose and the inner nostril is painless and creates awesome results. See one of our waxing professionals to treat this sensitive area to ensure you remove exactly the right amount of hair.


Males often get thick and dark hair growing on their ears and waxing is one of the best ways to remove these hairs. This leaves your ears totally smooth. Ears can be sensitive and difficult to wax so let the professionals at Essential Beauty help you look and feel your best.


Male grooming of the eyebrows is critical for that sculptured look preventing eyebrows from becoming unruly.

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Longer lashes to die for!

No matter how short or long your eyelashes are, you can have a Lash Lift. It will give your straight eyelashes a natural sweep upwards with a gentle curl, without you needing to reach for eyelash curlers every day.

A Lash Lift will make your lashes instantly look longer, wider, brighter and more beautiful. Our trained wax professionals can give you gorgeous, flawless eyelashes for any occasion – whether it is for holidays, an engagement, wedding or the Christmas party season.

Eyes Unique

Why a Lash Lift?

  • You want your eyes to look more open, alert and beautiful.
  • You want your lashes to appear longer.
  • You want to add natural lift.
  • You want to enhance your natural features.
  • You want a semi-permanent treatment that will save you time every morning.

 With a Lash Lift Do:

  • Lie back and enjoy a little ‘me time’.
  • Keep your eyes gently closed throughout the treatment.
  • Tell your wax professional if the treatment feels uncomfortable or stings. This is rare, however, she needs to know if it does happen.


  • Lie back and enjoy a little ‘me time’.
  • Keep your eyes gently closed throughout the treatment.
  • Tell your therapist if the treatment feels uncomfortable or stings. This is rare, however she needs to know if it does happen.

What happens during a lash lift…?

    • Your wax professional will remove your eye make-up with a non-oily cleanser and blot your eyelashes dry with tissue.
    • Your wax professional will place a strip of micro tape on your bottom lashes.
    • You will be asked to close your eyes and your wax professional will apply a small amount of a water-based adhesive along the back of a silicone pad.
    • Your wax professional will apply a perming gel and remove any excess perming with cotton buds.
    • Your wax professional will apply a generous amount of setting lotion half way up the lash and also apply a nourishing lotion.
    • After a few minutes, your wax professional will gently wipe your lashes with damp cotton buds to remove the adhesive and release your lashes.
    • You will be asked to check the final result.


    If you feel one of these steps has been missed or has not been done well, please ask your wax professional and let her know. When you work together with your wax professional, you will get the best possible results.


  • Feel free to wear mascara – although your Lash Lift does the job of mascara. Extra mascara will create a fuller look.


  • Wear eye makeup for 24 hours.
  • Get your lashes wet for 24 hours.
  • Rub your lashes.

What happens next…?

  • Your Lash Lift will last for around 4-6 weeks.
  • To maintain the look, we suggest you have repeat treatments; every 4-6 weeks.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, contact our friendly staff at your nearest Essential Beauty salon for more information.