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Set Your Lashes A-Fluttering

Katy Perry is memorable to me. Not for her outrageously coloured hair nor her quirky outfits but for her set of falsies.

Hello! Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m referring to her false eyelashes. Whilst I may oooh over her set of falsies, they’re not necessarily for me.

For one, I do not have the patience nor the time to painstakingly glue on them fake bits of lashes every time I want to make my eyes look bigger. Don’t get me wrong. I want my eyes to look bigger…every minute of the day (and night). But I really don’t want to go through the pain of using a curler to get my lashes to go where I want them to go, cutting false eyelashes to shape and size, using different lengths, slobbering glue on them and then aim them somewhere in the region of where my lashes are supposed to be and hope for the best.

I have friends who do this on a daily basis and they look fantastic. Practice does make perfect. But apart from my usual eyeliner, I might use some mascara to add a bit of volume to my lashes and that’s about it. I just can’t get myself to go through the whole rigmarole every day.

Then I found out about eyelash perming. In my mind, I had miniature hair curlers and rollers on my eyelashes and don’t laugh, that was how it was done before.

With Lash Lift, the technique for eyelash perming has been finally brought into this century. Thank goodness.

There is no gluing involved. The eyelashes are smoothed over silicon pads, lifting them up and away from the eyelids and set in place by the Lash Lift solution. So the results looked like I had longer lashes. My natural lashes were made more visible by curling higher over my eyes.

All I do now is to draw on the eyeliner, make sure that my brows are tidied and shaped to match my face shape and I am ready to go. This, I can now do on a daily basis. Phew! Ok, I also tinted them so that I don’t have to draw them in every time but no one has to know that.

And for that upcoming gala night dinner, I’m off to the salon to add just a few more pieces of (individual) falsies to my lashes just to look great in photos.

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