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Should I pierce my baby’s ears?

This topic always causes emotion and debate. Whilst some people find it cute, others might be not too fond of the idea. Regardless of what you personally believe there are more important items to take into consideration than just the cuteness factor.

We have heard your call for more information and provided additional facts to our previous article, the parent’s guide to children’s ear piercing, which can be found here.

When you choose to make the decision for your child, remember that it is a permanent decision you are making for her. If that makes you feel uncomfortable you may want to wait until she makes the conscious decision herself and comes to you about it. In some countries ear piercings are part of their cultural tradition.

Whether you decide to wait until your little girl comes to you first making this a special mother/ daughter moment or whether you are of the firm belief that it is best to do it while they are a still a baby, one thing is for certain, the end result will be beautiful.

As a parent, you only have your child’s best interest at heart and of course you might feel concerned about the treatment process. Well, if the decision has been made and your little angel is getting her ears pierced, let’s take the time to go through the most important facts to ensure your child’s wellbeing for your own peace of mind.

We recommend every parent to carefully select a trusted piercing salon that has been assessed by local authorities. Local councils will generally send environmental health officers to ensure the ear-piercing salon meets all appropriate standards and adheres to age guidelines.

Piercings should be part of the salon’s main treatment offerings.

But before you make the appointment, you should ask a few more important questions and follow our parent’s guide to children’s ear piercing.

Does the salon have the proper equipment and are they familiar with working with toddlers, babies and young infants?  Are the therapists trained? Here is a snapshot guide:

  1. Ensure the procedure is performed under the most hygienic conditions
  2. Bring your baby or child in for a mid-morning appointment (around 11 AM is a good time)
  3. Ensure your child has eaten a snack
  4. Have a predetermined idea of colour and remind your child how beautiful they will look
  5. After the treatment, it is crucial to carefully follow the appropriate after care procedure to avoid infection and speed up the healing process. There may be a little discomfort, swelling, redness and irritation around the ear. Keep the wound dry and clean and follow all instructions.
  6. Do not remove the earring during the healing process which should take about 6 weeks with some specialists recommending leaving the jewellery in for up to one year before taking it out (the longer the better).

Proceed with booking an appointment once all your questions have been answered in full. Once you have carefully selected your salon you need to consider another question – the consent laws of Australia which are different from state to state. Be sure to bring your identification to the appointment as you are representing your child.

Before and after the procedure, which will be over in the blink of an eye, make sure to focus on your child and her concerns. If your child is worried about the pain and asks, ‘How much it will hurt?’ you could calm your child down by saying ‘Like being flicked with a brush- not too much’. You might plan a trip to the ice cream shop afterwards to reward your child for being a brave little girl so she has something to focus on and look forward to.

You can also turn her focus on how beautiful her new piercing will look and how she can show it off to her friends. Happy ear piercing!


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