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Spice up your Spray Tan with Colour!

The best shade of colour for a spray tan is one that is closest to your skin tone. For most people, this is a light to medium shade. Whether you are fair, olive skinned or have a slightly darker skin tone, the light to medium spray tan should be your first step. Even when striving for a deeply tanned look, consult with your salon or go for a medium shade spray tan first. If in doubt, ask for a patch test to see if the shade matches your skin tone.

Like natural sun tanning, a salon acquired spray tan will continue to deepen in the next day or two. After an initial couple of days, the colour will have settled and that will be the ‘tan’ you will be sporting for the next few weeks. If the colour is not quite there and you’d like it to be a deeper tan, then apply an additional layer of spray tan. This can be home administered or go to a salon to minimise uneven streaks and missed spots.

A good spray tan evens out your skin tone and hides imperfections.

Once you have gotten that spray tan, take care of it by making sure your skin is properly moisturised. And if you wish to look slightly more tanned than the shade you currently have, wear light coloured clothes. White will show off that spray tan perfectly, adding to the illusion of a darker tan.

Work backwards. If you are going to wear white or pastels to that special event, organise your spray tan at least 2 days before the event and for a light to medium tan. If you are planning on wearing that black number in your wardrobe, then go for a slightly darker tone.

Makeup and hair colour will have an impact on how deep that tan can look.

If you are looking at creating that beach babe look for just a day to match a particular outfit that you are planning on wearing, crush a little of your bronzer powder with moisturising lotion and apply evenly to the face and neck. If you are wearing spaghetti straps or an off-shouldered dress, smooth the lotion all over the décolletage, shoulders, back and arms as well. Or go shopping for a tanning mousse for that light and natural look.

The idea of a spray tan is to fake that nice healthy glow to your skin, minus the hassles and dangers of being sunburnt. The inevitable skin peeling following a sunburn is also a big turn off. There can be a one-colour-fits-all solution to spray tanning with clever colour wardrobe coordination. Just check in with your beauty salon for a few test runs until you settle on a tone that works for you.

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