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Strip Wax vs Hot Wax

The difference

Hot wax can vary quite a lot depending on the quality of the wax. In fact, some hot waxes can be very ineffective resulting in both hair and wax being left behind. In addition, the hot wax process also takes longer to do.

Strip wax is a very fast process. For example a triple XXX Brazilian wax can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes whereas if hot wax is used, it will take 30-40 minutes.

I’ve tested a lot of hot waxes and there are very few that are as effective as strip wax. Strip wax has a superior gripping power over hot wax and hairs as small as ½ cm can be removed effectively.

Which one hurts less?

I did an experiment whereby I used hot wax on one side of a XXX treatment and strip wax on the other side, this process was repeated on several clients. The majority of the clients were in favour of strip wax and the rest said they could not tell the difference!

This surprised me so I asked my staff to do the same for me and I came to the same conclusion! I could not decipher any pain difference but I preferred the speed and efficiency of strip wax. My skin looked and felt the same on both sides except that on the side hot wax was used, there was wax left behind.

Now that I have told you how great strip wax is I must warn you about the pitfalls of strip wax. Firstly, because of its strong gripping, ability some customers have experienced skin lifts or bruising. Both of these problems can be prevented by making sure the therapists applies a lot of baby powder regularly to the skin and rubs it in well. The powder absorbs sweat and creates a barrier for the skin.

Proper stretching of the skin is also required and it is advisable that you help the therapist when necessary by supporting the skin in conjunction with her. Proper stretching will help with reducing pain.

The verdict!

In summary strip wax is fast, effective and in the right hands your skin will be smooth and hair free. Don’t forget to powder well and stretch the skin to help the therapist when required.

Hot wax takes longer and your skin is left with wax residue and there is often remaining hair.


Article contributed by Melissa Gav, Founder of Essential Beauty.

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