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Sun filters vs sunscreens – what is the difference?

TONIC skincare products do not use synthetic sunscreens.

They contain natural filters through the use of mica which has antireflective properties (i.e. they repel the sun’s rays). However, the mica does not act as a SPF.

Moisturisers and sunscreens work differently to each other.

Sunscreens are designed to block the sun.

Moisturisers are designed to lock moisture in, replenish and deliver the active ingredients into the skin. A moisturiser needs to penetrate into the skin to give its full benefit.

Having a sunscreen mixed in, decreases the moisturiser’s ability to be absorbed and provide the skin with the active properties of the ingredients.

There are 2 general categories of sunscreen – chemical barriers (synthetic) and physical barriers.

Any sunscreen in a product has the risk of causing reactions and thus not being suitable for all skin types.

Using a separate moisturiser and sunscreen is the best option to get the full benefits of each.


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