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The Love of Gift Giving

The greatest gift of all … is Love!

In expressing that love, giving a gift that the receiver can use and appreciates is one of the many ways people express their feeling in a tangible form. The more “important” the receiver is to the gift giver, the more stress will be experienced over what that perfect gift will be.

If you are buying a present for someone you don’t know that well, shopping for a gift will become a nightmare. And that is why three out of every four persons have turned to gift cards / gift vouchers in the last decade. In situations like office celebrations, donations, house warming parties, giving a gift card is a no brainer. The recipients of a gift card will value the usability and versatility of that gift.

If you are buying a present for the love of your life, there’s a twenty-five percent chance of ace-ing it with the perfect present.

There’s no greater pleasure than seeing the absolute joy on the face of a loved one when he/she opens the present to find exactly what they wanted. But unless you are an avid listener, and I do mean an avid listener, chances are that the gift isn’t going to be as appreciated as could be. Would you have wasted your money and effort?

The Gift of the Magi is a classic story of such a case. In the story, both partners sacrifice their only valuable possession to buy the other a present which they think will be the ultimate gift, in order to show their love. Instead, they find that they have traded away the very items that the gift was intended to complement.

Do the smart thing on your next gift shopping trip by getting something usable and versatile. Most people are on-board with the idea of gift cards and vouchers, so why not you?

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