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The Man Brow

So, it’s not just the ladies who are interested in shaping their eyebrows.

Eyebrow grooming for men who want to sport perfectly shaped eyebrows was probably first made famous by (Sir) David Beckham. He has certainly been a driver by way of encouraging men to “man scape” themselves, instead of letting natures “mono brow” take over.

Certainly, for men, good-looking and well-shaped eyebrows can be a sign of ruggedness and macho strength.

But bushy can win from time to time also (Brad Pitt has been an example of this).

So, what makes a good set of eyebrows for a man? Perfectly sculpted? Slightly bushy?

The answer is all of the above. There are many options for the way a man can shape his brows.


To sculpt or not to sculpt?

Some men want to avoid too much of a clean, block or squared off shape as this can result in an overly feminine look sometimes.

Others like a very sculpted look. They love that clean, sharp shape a lot of rappers have.

Slits in the brow are very popular for that gangster look. A single or double slit can be shaped into the eyebrow.

However, most men (and women prefer), men to have more of a rugged, but neat, look. They don’t want a shape that makes it look too obvious that the brows were shaped.

They want that “I was born this way“, eyebrow shape.


Men and women have different eyebrow shaping needs

Men’s eyebrow hairs are usually coarser and grow longer and further into the hair line.

For this reason, men’s eyebrows need to be shaped differently to the way a woman’s eyebrows are shaped. One area that can be misshaped is in between the brows.

Often the hairs at the front of the brow can grow in different directions. Don’t always opt to pull these all out. Ask for a simple trim using scissors to sculpt the hairs in this area as this will control these stragglers. If you pull out too many hairs from the middle, you can end up with eyebrows that are too far apart or too blocked off or square. A few wayward hairs at the front of an eyebrow can look cute on a guy.


Tweezing is king for a natural look

Many men need hair from the top of their eyebrow removed to create an arch, as the eyebrow hairs can grow on the forehead and into the hair line. Sometimes all that is needed, is a little tweezing to create a neat arch. However, if there is a lot of hair, it is far more efficient to wax the bulk of the hairs and finish off with tweezing.


Always ask your beauty therapist to finish off blending your eyebrow hairs into the fine, vellus hairs on your forehead. Yes – you do have fine hairs on your forehead! It is best to use tweezers on these hairs to get this blended look, instead of wax. Wax will create a shiny, looking rectangular strip on the skin where the wax was applied.  Blend those hairs with tweezing for a “I was just born like this” look.


So what are you waiting for, guys? Book online today!

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