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Top 10 Beauty Instagrammers You Should Follow

For many years now, Instagram is people’s favorite playground when it comes to learning new things, befriending other people, finding influencers, and, of course, enjoy cat pics. However, Instagram is also the social media network where beauty, fashion, and style are at their highest peaks. From trendsetters to fashion icons, and from beauty editors to people reaching fame relying solely on their personalities, Instagram is a treasure trove for inspiration. Today, we will discuss in depth about ten beauty Instagrammers to follow if you want to up your ante in the makeup and styling departments.

1. nikkietutorials

Famous Dutch makeup artist Nikkie de Jager is the perfect example of how the girl next door can turn into a global sensation with the right attitude. Forbes’s Top Instagram Beauty Influencer, Nikkie found her passion for makeup at a young age, starting her “career” with a video makeup tutorial in 2008. Today, with 11 million followers, Nikkie is a beauty icon. If glam and shine are your things, then you should definitely check out both her Instagram account and her professional makeup products.

 2. infrontofapple

Mei is a self-professed Chinese Angel, creator, model, and Instagram riot. Sometimes she sports red hair, occasionally pink. Her compelling costume makeup and her spot-on beauty products reviews turned her into a style icon and a respected resource of inspiration. This surreal beauty will also spark some wanderlust in your heart, as her travel photos are just as eerie as she is.

3. Lily Pebbles

This gorgeous woman is an example to follow if you are young and do not want to have anything to do with exhausting makeup tutorials, entire bags of products, or Insta-fatigue. Lily Pebbles is a new-gen type of beauty influencers offering wearable makeup suggestions, elegant and straightforward beauty tips, and casual styling ideas. If you need to do something with your eyebrows without complicating things, follow her. If you want a fresh and natural approach to casual day makeup or evening beauty, support her.

4. patmcgrathreal

Awarded makeup artist Pat McGrath is one of the biggest names in the dramatic makeup industry and one of the top world influencers when it comes to using the skin as a canvas. In 2013, she got an MBE for her services to the fashion and beauty industry, breaking the Internet and the industry once again in 2017 with her multidimensional lips creation (for the Fall/Winter Maison Margiela Paris fashion week’s show). If makeup is art for you and surreal innovation is your middle name, then look no further.

5. hudabeauty

Another one of Forbes’ 2017 favorite Instagram beauty icons, Huda Kattan is the queen of multiple empires. One is on Instagram, where she gently reigns over 28 million Instagram followers. In Dubai, she built the second – a cosmetic line that is present in Sephora and endorsed by celebrities like Kim K. The third empire is on YouTube – she is one of the most popular beauty vloggers in the Middle East.

The fourth and most crucial empire, however, is our hearts. Huda Kattan’s impossible beauty, her excellent makeup tutorials, and her no-nonsense approach to what it means to be a woman (successful on all levels) are inspiring and heartwarming.

6. beautyidboring

Robin Black embodies everything you want from an Instagram major beauty influencer: she is a make-up artist, a beauty blogger, and a professional beauty photographer. The Beauty is Boring studio is the bible of avant-garde makeup and style. Forget everything you know about homogenous looks and streamlined routines. From the blue brows and red lipstick to purple lips and green hair, Beauty is Boring Instagram account is an art gallery and a constant source of inspiration for the rebellious at heart women.

7. mypaleskinblog

Former model Em Ford had a terrible run-down with acne back in the day. Her skin problems pictures stirred the waters and separated detractors from fans – all for good. Now, Em Ford’s Instagram account deals with real problems real women have, teaching ladies all over the world how to enhance their natural beauty instead of exhausting themselves with concealing their flaws. An advocate of natural femininity, grace, and the smart use of makeup, this Insta influencer is everything you want to be and then some.

8. Beautycalpise

The independent Green Webzine & Ethical New Media Studio by Nath Fedorova are two things that gain more and more Internet appraisal. The Beautycalipse Instagram account encompasses a woman’s ambition to advocate product-independent beauty routines, facial massages, natural beauty, organic and eco-beauty items, and out-of-the-box beauty routines.

As she said in an interview for, she loves sharing with her public her mildly eccentric beauty looks, Earth-friendly ingredients and packaging ideas, clean, safe, and mindful approaches to cosmetics, and having fun with makeup while looking professional and neat. Not bad for an Insta account created only in 2016, eh?

9. Nymatang

Tang is a South Sudanese beauty celeb who rose to fame by producing a “Darkest Shade” series – in which she searched for and tested a handful of foundations to learn which of them was the best and deepest for her dark skin tone. She even took Kim K.’s challenge of trying Kim’s first-ever contour kit. We will not spoil the result for you, but if you want a relatable celebrity and a gorgeous woman’s dark skin tips and tricks, Tang’s Instagram account is the place to be!

10. Linda Rodin

The world knows who Linda Rodin is: former stylist for US Vogue, beauty mogul, and present Instagram sensation. Linda proves if it ever was necessary that women can look stylish and fabulous no matter their age. Moreover, Linda’s Instagram profile is a place of wonder, beauty, and fun – while she does not share many practical tips and tricks, you can watch her and her beloved furry companion having a blast while looking posh.

It is also important to know that Linda Rodin’s Instagram account covers for an inexcusable lack on the social platform: beauty for mature women and aged skin. Fortunately, Linda’s looks and poses compensate for this low market offer.

What other beauty Instagrammers do you follow? Who is your favorite makeup and styling influencer?

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