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Viva la parté!

Did you know that both coffee and tea greatly contribute to teeth staining? Some studies show that black tea can even be worse than coffee! And, if you think you’re safe sticking to white wine, unfortunately white wine is in the bad-books right next to red wine as it’s been proven to reduce enamel which exposes teeth to staining. At least this is what I found out while researching teeth whitening treatments.

This is also true for any carbonated beverages as they erode the teeth and encourage staining by other beverages and foods. Watch out especially for tomato sauce, soy sauce, curries and pasta sauces – all big contributors to dull, darkened and yellow teeth.

As these foods and drinks can make up a significant portion of an average Aussie diet, (certainly true for me, anyway!) teeth whitening is my current number one go-to cosmetic treatment for the coming season. I have a wedding to attend, racing carnivals, a concert and a couple of parties, and possibly a job interview, all coming up in the next few months. Hopefully, the job interview will come much earlier.

I heard about Essential Beauty’s new Love My Smile teeth whitening service from a friend who’d recently had it done for a date with a guy she’s trying to impress. I don’t know if the guy was impressed but I was. Her teeth looked so much healthier because of the whiter colour – we joked how I’d now have to wear sunnies just to look at her!

I finally headed into one of their salons and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s actually very affordable. Sign me up!

The therapist reassured me that cool LED light technology is used to activate the whitening gels, not potentially harmful UV light. Say what? Count me in!

She then informed me that there are two teeth whitening packages to choose from – a forty minute session for medium to heavily stained teeth and a twenty minute treatment for a quick pick-me-up. She recommended that I go with the twenty minute session as my teeth weren’t too heavily stained (well, not yet anyway…I may have to start thinking about reducing my excessive coffee consumption!) It’s probably better to go for teeth whitening after my regular dental check and clean but I decided to do the treatment straight away.

So, what’s my verdict? Well, after twenty minutes of quiet R&R in the treatment room, my teeth were noticeably whiter and brighter with an improvement of around three whole shades! My partner noticed I had it done straight away without me even having to tell him…I thought that was pretty impressive considering he rarely notices when I’ve been to the hairdressers, or lost weight, or bought a new dress! I certainly won’t be shying away from photos this party season!


– Article contributed by A. Venema –

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