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Why Wax in Winter?

Our legs are hidden under woollen pants and leggings, all skin under wraps so to speak. Why bother with waxing? From a purely social point of view, waxing seems like a bit of a waste.

Not true! Winter waxing should definitely be part of your regular beauty routine.

Leggings are in

As we wear more tight leggings and jeans in winter, the longer hairs tend to rub and snap against clothing. This leaves you with some blunt and sharp hairs just like that of a shaved hair.

Regular waxing for more hair-free days

Waxing removes the entire hair from the follicle. If you have ever decided to take a look at the wax strip after your therapist has used it, you will see that hair that’s been completely pulled out will have a small dark bulb at the end of it.

Not all hairs will contain this bulb though as hairs will often break either just above or below the skin. To help avoid this, it is important to keep moisturising the skin and to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking 2 litres of water per day. Not coffee or wine or coke. Water!

Waxing at regular intervals will help encourage the hair cycles to sync together and come through at the same time. So when you visit the salon regularly for your waxing appointment, a lot more of your hair is removed at the same time. There is less chance of seeing hair that was just below the skin surface, peek out like weeds just a week after you’ve shaved.

What all this means is

The more regularly you wax, the better and longer lasting your waxing results will be. Keeping a regular waxing schedule throughout the year will give you more hair-free days in all seasons. So it is unwise to disrupt your waxing schedule in winter.

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