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Waxing Terminologies for the First Time Waxer

You pictured neatly manicured lawns in the Southern suburbs but upon leaving the salon, you discover a barren desert instead. Did the therapist get it right?

Here are some of the common wax terms and what they means. So, if you are walking in to a salon to get a wax for the first time, you won’t come out surprised.

Monobrow is the area between the two eyebrows, just at the top of the nose.

X Bikini is the panty-line wax. This is the groin area that is not hidden by the knickers. It does not include the top of the thighs.

X+ Bikini wax takes slightly more hair, deeper than the panty-line. Some places refer to this as an Extended Bikini wax or the High X or the G-String wax.

XX Bikini typically leaves a ‘manicured lawn’ of hair on the front ie on the pubic bone, and all hair removed from the groin including the labia and between the bum cheeks (perineum). The XX Bikini wax is also commonly called the French wax.

XXX Brazilian involves total hair removal from the pubic region including the labia and in-between the bum cheeks. Clients sometimes request for a thin line left on the pubic bone in front. This has also been referred to as the Hollywood wax.

XXX Manzilian is the equivalent of a XXX Brazilian wax for the guys.

Half Back wax is exactly just that, usually it’s the lower half of the back that is waxed … your back is not waxed vertically.

Stomach wax covers the removal of hair from below the rib cage to the top of the pubic bone.

Snail Trail is such a cute label for that sexy trail of hair running from below the navel to the pubic bone. This is also called a Tummy Line wax.

¾ Arms or ¾ Legs waxes from mid-way of the upper arm to the fingers and likewise, from mid-thigh to the toes.

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