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The ‘Migraine Piercing’… What is it?

There are many claims about Daith piercings and their ability to cure migraines. There is no clinical data about this, but many people claim to have migraines cured by the simple addition of a Daith piercing.

So, what is a Daith piercing?

A Daith piercing is located near the inner cartilage fold of a person’s ear. See diagram below.

This type of piercing has been available for many years and the term Daith has been coined only recently.

When people sometimes become ill, they search for their own medications/alternative medicines. The truth is that the Daith piercing is in a particular area which affects certain nerve branches which reach the brain.

Amongst other doctors, Dr Chris Blatchley from the London Migraine Clinic has used some medical terms to define the process which you can research. There are also a multitude of doctors throughout the world in various high-ranking positions, who support the claim that Daith piercings cure headaches, but again no clinical studies have been performed.

Others claim that Daith piercings are like a form of acupuncture and hence treat migraines in that way. Again, there’ve been no studies and one would have to take into account the ‘placebo effect’.

Other practices of non-traditional medicine refer to the location of the Daith piercing corresponding with an intestinal point often used in Chinese acupuncture. Notwithstanding the acupuncture points on the ear are very specific, a body piercer normally would not know great detail about the implications from an acupuncturist point of view. This is because Daith piercings are confined and often need to be performed according to the size of the person’s ear, hence location and jewellery size is rather limited from the outset.


So, where do we go from here?

Daith piercings are trendy and very “in vogue”.

If it happens to cure your migraines at the same time, well what a bonus! Even if that is because of your own placebo.

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