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The year for Fashion Body Piercings

Like thousands of fans, kicking off the year would be even better, with a fashionable new body piercing to show off. But, before you jump at that fantastic piece of body art, it’s smart to understand the healing process ahead of you.

Ear Piercing
Earlobes are still among the most popular piercings at Essential Beauty where we offer double operator earlobe piercings, which are particularly suitable for young children and babies. Our piercers are also trained in the use of piercing needles for different parts of the ear and body. Every Essential Beauty salon offers a wide range of high-quality ear studs with birthstone colours to choose from. Healing time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Ear Cartilage Piercing
Piercings such as Helix, Rook, Daith, Industrial, Tragus, Anti-tragus & Conch are done with a single use needle.  These piercings have a slightly longer healing process but Essential Beauty salons offer a specially formulated ear and body piercing spray that will help with the happy healing. Healing time is approximately 3-6 months.

Nose Piercing
This type of piercing is quickly growing in popularity. The thing to note here is that nostril ‘screws’ are custom bent to fit your nose. Healing time is approximately 9-12 weeks.

As an alternative to popular nose piercings on the fleshy part, septum piercings are available. Put a finger and thumb in each nostril. Feel the soft bit at the front? That’s your septum. It does not cut the nose cartilage and is way more comfortable. The healing process is quicker too. Healing time is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Belly Piercing
Welcome to the most fashionable piercing. And a big reason why belly piercings are so popular is that every belly button can be pierced! After your piercing, we always encourage our belly button fans to drop in to let us check and make sure you having a happy heal. Healing time is approximately 9-12 months.

Lip Piercing
Like nostrils, lip piercing is a very cool and common sight. Choosing a ring in your lip or a bar centered underneath your bottom lip does not hinder eating or drinking. Healing time is approximately 9-12 weeks.

Tongue Piercing
Our piercers can advise you on where to place your piercing so it doesn’t hit your teeth or affect your gums. Your dentist will appreciate that! While tongue piercings heal quickly and are relatively painless, your tongue will swell. Have some icy poles handy along with some Difflam (anti-inflammatory mouthwash) for a few hours after the procedure. Getting a tongue piercing done the start of the weekend is a smart move, particularly if you have to talk to people at work! Healing time is approximately 9-12 weeks.

Nipple Piercing
This piercing will encourage the nipple to poke out more on its own even after removing the jewellery. We recommend the right shape and size jewellery to suit your nipple. Approximate healing times are Female 6-9 months + Male 3-6 months.

Eyebrow Piercing
The cool thing about eyebrow piercings, and the reason we see so many men and women choosing them is that they are such an ideal body area to pierce. As well as being an attractive part of the face, the predominantly loose skin over the edge of the eye comfortably allows for both studs and rings. Healing time is approximately 9-12 weeks.

No matter what piercing takes your fancy in the new year, if you have any questions or concerns about this article, feel free to contact your local Essential Beauty piercing specialists.

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